As a human being we born we bring only our body. The only first thing we need is breath rather than cloth, sometimes even the nurse let us nude on top of mom’s body to feel each other in deep emotion. As we grow up we realize we need things that actually we just want it to make us more “visible” to other. How simple life is. Don’t you think become more simple is better? Like legend said “less is more”. So why we want something we don’t even need? In this post I want to share you some of reflections of our self and why I talk about minimalist? Let’s get started.

Why do we like to pile up things that is not necessary?

It is simply because of our brain designed to love new things. We always want to have new cloth every time we go to mall, even we have a bunch of clothes in our cupboard until it’s not enough anymore. Days in a week only seven, but you have cloth enough for 3 people in a year. Let’s think again how much money we wasted. We could have save that money to travel and see the world rather than buy things that will ended up untouched.

Need vs Want

Sometimes we have some stuffs because we want it without thinking the next step what is the use of it. Our “need” vs our “want” is complicated, thanks for urban life which is always bombarded with advertisement that is showing how easy life with some tools, basically if we see again we don’t really need it. We buy grocery food freshly from market, and we also going out for lunch because we are lazy to cook, this is why “need” and “want” is complicated.

The Power Of Minimalism

Minimalism is not only for your stuff in your cupboard, but it is also for your life. Minimalism can bring you to be an easy going person. For example, you no longer need to be stressed out just for going out and think what should you wear and make people eyes happy to see you instead you will think more about what you feel, if it makes you feel more comfort than you go with it. The more you go being minimalist the more you learn how to be a thankful and respect person.

Minimalism is easy

The very first step you can do is to take a note of things you have and things you wanna declutter. Then you can try to reduce your expenses in something unnecessary like “the third pair of shoes for this month”, it is helping a lot. You can also start by giving some of your item that is not being used in a year to someone that needed more. Start to be minimalist from things you are ready to get rid of, but if you try it in sudden nothing will work.

Don’t be too strict to your self if it is hard for you. Being minimalist doesn’t mean you have nothing at all. Being minimalist is the lifestyle you choose to make you happier and less stress. And also being minimalist is different with cheapskate where you don’t wanna spent much of anything because of money, but being minimalist is the way you simplify your lifestyle that can manage your productivity, your emotion and also ease your life.