Let me guess, you walk to the class and someone just talking to you like they wanna roast you and you don’t even know what is your wrong. So you have in your mind that might be she/he is hating you because of your look. No way! Bullies hate whatever of you.

Bullies are some people who always wanna make you down and wanna make you belief that you are less compare to other. They will hate every second in your life and makes you regret on everything you chose. In this post I will share you 4 ways to deal with bullies, cause I’ve been there. Let’s jump into it!

1. Never ever feel sad

You are the most gorgeous person in the world, that’s why you have some people who always wanna see you in tears and depression. The bullies hate you because they can’t have what you have right now. Keep going on with your beautiful life, the rude comment and dislike is just part of social media don’t take it in your precious heart.

2. Listen but don’t get involved

You are what you are, this is your life. That’s true, but sometime you need to listen what people say about you. Just listen them and after that you decide is that worth it to be what they want or it just their feeling that we are not as common as other people. Never get involved of their wave because society just want something that followed what they want.

3. Speak up

When someone do bad things to you or we can say they bullied you, don’t save it alone in you mind, but share it. You have to tell your guardian (parents or someone you trust that can help you) about your problem. The sooner you tell them then you will never have to sink to the bottom of depression.

4. Literary just walk away

Bullies are bad, so never ever get closer to bullies. You walk away is because you don’t wanna get the negative impact from them and not because you scared, if they are chasing you, go to the safest place you know will help you out. When speak is no longer effective to stop bullies then you need to just ignore them by walk away from them. There are lots of people still wanna be your friends, partners, colleague (you name it), rather than you exhausted to keep all the bullies in your mind and trying hard how can they “accept” me. At some points after they bullied you, they will be tired of doing that to you because you are not get angry or depressed instead you ignore them and walk away from them.

No body is perfect in this world, everyone has their own weakness and that is common to have, it is not a big issue to have weaknesses. For you who had some experience of bullies you are the actual superior person because you can through the big wave and still having the best boat for your life. I was there in the same situation with you gangs. Bullies will never end as long as you get what they want which is your beautiful life.