Traveling is a happy thing to do. Everyone wish to have it, and when it comes sometimes traveling makes us stress out, especially when you have to travel by flight alone and bring a baby. I tell you this is the hard job even harder than rocks but if the miracle walks beside you everything is gonna be smooth as the baby’s bum. LOL

When my daughter turned nine-month I decided to visit my parents in Indonesia which require a travel more than 24 hours just to reach the international airport not my city yet! So it is a big journey for a new mom and a baby like us, also I have to travel alone. Good job! Then if you ask why, it’s because my husband had to do the work in the US and I want to visit my parents. So here are 4 things I wish I knew before travel alone with the baby


i wish I make a list of what to bring in carry on

This is so classic when you wanna go to somewhere for a long time you must be having notes of what to carry. I did it too but in my brain. LOL. I should have taken all the notes in the book, yes write in down momma. In the airport, I forgot several things but fortunately, it wasn’t important stuff like my passport (knock on wood). I wish I write down everything so then I will not wasting my time and money also my mind to think what else I need to bring.

Bring some pajamas that easy to change either in the airport or in the flight

I thought a baby will not have much sweat in the flight but I’m so wrong! My baby was so active, she was crawling on the floor going here and there, she got sweat plus dirt from the floor. Oh my, I was so frustrated. I should have brought more clothes for her. I felt so guilty that time. I wish I could go into my luggage and take some clothes from there. I got three stops on my journey. Which we call it “transit”. The first in Germany and then Singapore and then Jakarta. I should have brought five clothes for my baby to change in every stop and in the flight as she gets dirty. Argh, that’s just a wish!

Snacks is a gold

I never travel in the flight with a baby or staring at people who bring a baby and what they do. I thought I will get snacks on the flight as my baby can eat too, but it’s a zonk! My baby was nine months old when we traveled, at that age, she has been eating the same food as me. I mean she ate rice and chicken and pasta etc. On the flight, they gave us a puree which is for four months old baby. I was so stressed and even more, when I know I didn’t bring enough food for her. I don’t know what to do, at all. I didn’t have anyone to give me suggestion before even I did my research on youtube and googling I don’t find enough source. I know nothing that time. I wish I could bring the snacks and the food more.

Bring the stroller

I didn’t bring my stroller because I thought it will be easier if I just use my baby carrier. Oh honey, It’s heavy and messy. I don’t know about you, but I have been there. I chose carrier over a stroller which is a nightmare for me. In the security-check when we have to open our shoes and the carrier, here I got nothing but a mess. I can’t see anything because of the carrier and my baby size. I have to be slow and you know people all seeing me with a sharp-edges-eyes. I wish I use the stroller, so then I can put everything in the conveyer belt easily and fast while my baby is sitting down on the stroller. Doesn’t need luxury good looking stroller, the umbrella stroller is the best option. In case the stroller lost you don’t lose much. Also by wearing the carrier, you need to be strong and prepare for your back pain. especially when waiting for the line.

There is a plus point of wearing the carrier that you will not lose it. because it will be staying on you always, and on the flight, you can still wear it, no need to put in the luggage.

I hope you guys can travel safe and nothing to forget when you travel solo. Also, I recommend you to take the first-row seat if you are taking the economy class because you will have some space for you and the baby in case they want to play on the floor and also you will have the crib ready in front of you, even we can’t use when there is a turbulence but we still can use it as extra room for the things we have, like the hand bag, or blankets.

Alright, those are the things I wish I knew before travel alone with the baby. Do you have the same things like mine? Or you have your own experience about your solo traveling with your baby? Let me know in the comment below. xoxo

Who doesn’t love traveling? Who doesn’t wanna see the best view in the world? Everyone must be having their own desire-place to go someday, so do I. I am Indonesian, as an Indonesian I wanna discover more about my country’s treasure. The country with the 3rd most population in the world but the nature will never be disappointed. There is a quote which said “you place a wooden stick on the ground then it will be a tree” that is how rich the nature in Indonesia. So here are top 5 places in Indonesia that I want to visit someday, hopefully I can make it as soon as possible.

1.Raja Ampat Island

“The Raja Ampat Islands are an Indonesian archipelago off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua. Comprising hundreds of jungle-covered islands, Raja Ampat is known for its beaches and coral reefs rich with marine life. Ancient rock paintings and caves are on Misool Island, while the crimson bird of paradise lives on Waigeo Island. Batanta and Salawati are the archipelago’s other main islands.” -Google destination.

Photo by: Panoramio

2. Komodo National Park

Do you know this big creature? Komodo is the biggest lizard in the world. It is one of ancients animal that still living until now. And it is one of the wonders of the world. In Indonesia we have them in one Island which we call as Komodo National Park. I want to see this heritage animal in real not just in the national geographic picture.

Photo by: Flicker

3. Bunaken

Bunaken is an island which located in Manado, Indonesia. I want to go here because of the clarity of the sea where you can see through. Oh my.. There will be ton of beautiful creature we can see by only our bare eyes. What a wonderful place to visit.

Photo by: Siladen

4. Sabang

Sabang is the westernmost island in Indonesia. Sabang also as a gate to enter Indonesia. Since I was a kid until now there is a song I always hear about this Island which is “dari sabang sampai meraoke…….” it means from sabang until meraoke. These are the westernmost and the easternmost island in Indonesia. I want to visit the westernmost first as I don’t have any idea what will be there, but I am carious to find out the beautiful view out there.

Photo by: Taufan Wijaya

5. Mount Bromo

I was born in Pontianak, Indonesia. In Pontianak there is no volcano mountain, just several hills that I used to go for camping. I always dream to go Bromo as it is the most frequent mountain tour that people always talking about. Some people now say that this mountain is not save anymore but some say it is still save and you can have tour. The thing is this mountain is pack of beautiful view which can make your eyes refresh from the traffic on the road.

Photo by: bemytravelmuse

While I am writing this post my eager to travel these places are increased you guys. Here are my top 5 places in Indonesia that I want to visit someday,but actually I have more list about places in Indonesia that I wanna visit. So how about you guys? have you make a list for next summer? Have fun discover new places.