As a human, we tend to make planning for our life, but sometimes that’s just a plan in our mind without the application. By the end of the year is the most popular time to do planning from the one which logic until the one that only a dream. So how to make all the plan going well? The secret is to be an organized person. Here I share you some ways how to be an organized person.

Make a weekly list

The first thing I suggest you do is making a to-do list. You can make it daily list until monthly list, for me it works best with the weekly list. The most important thing is we have to stick with it as straight as possible. Maybe in the way of doing this list, we get some adjustment but as long as we keep it in mind that we have to be straight with it then we can be more organized than before. When I can do like the list above, I feel more complete. I feel like my day gone completely clean. And if I missed just one of the list I feel my day has gone wasted and I will just leave all the list and back into scramble day.


Start in your mind to be an organized person

At least when you have the motivation your brain will think and command you to do something instead of just being potato couch.  Once you step up from your bed make something and do something. Set the time for everything, so then you know what to do and not end up by “zzzzz” a.k.a sleep. Set the time for a nap from when to when. For me, I do so rare napping because I feel it’s better to do something else then nap. Especially when my daughter is napping, I will do everything as much as I can, including “me time”.

Add a break

Being an organized person doesn’t mean you will always do something like a robot. Take a break for a while so you will not be so exhausted and give up to be organized. Taking a break might be vary to each person. Some people like to have coffee, a nap, or as complicated as a spa at home. It depends on you, for me taking a break means walking in park, blogging, doing the me-time, etc.

Don’t give up

Making a new habit is not as easy as flipping our hand, it needs time and adjustment. Sometimes we lost it but sometimes we are so organized every second.

Alright, those are the way on how to be an organized person. Keep trying is the key, as the last point said don’t give up. The study said we need at least 2 weeks to make a new habit, so keep it up. And now how about you guys? Do you have a to-do list? Do you make your own to-do list or you buy the templet? Let me know in the comment below. xoxo