One day you go to school and you forget to comb your hair, then your classmate mocked you like anything, you go home sad and feel miserable and you end up in depression. Well, it just one single example of what these days people are having. The feeling of being judged and not worth it made a lot of people lose even their life. Why does this happen? Here are 5 Reason Why You Become Miserable and How To Avoid It

Thinking too much of unnecessary thing

Thinking too much of unnecessary thing

Some of us just have too many times to think some unnecessary things. Things like which red lipstick should I use today? What if this rose red does not blend into the condition in my office? How about the red nude lipstick, oh no it’s too flat and bla.. bla.. bla..

Just for deciding things that actually has no effect in your friendship or even in your life instead, it will be taking your productive time and your good mood away. So how to avoid thinking too much of unnecessary thing? Earlier it will be hard, nothing is so easy in the beginning. Especially when you change your behavior but it doesn’t mean you can’t. Try to be simple. Remember sometimes less is more. We don’t need to be the best just to please other eyeballs. 

Feeling unsatisfied for everything

Feeling unsatisfied for everything

After you think too much then you will feel unsatisfied with whatever you’ve done. Some people feel unsatisfied because they can’t achieve as they expected. What do you need to do when you feel unsatisfied? First just stop thinking about it for a while. Take some break from it. When you have a break from this feeling you will be more grateful with whatever you have. More grateful so you won’t become miserable.

Social Media

Social media

Social media, if you take the positive vibe it will be good for you. Getting more and more ideas for your life but, if social media makes your life become miserable, why should you use it. Like you see your friend’s traveling picture and you were sad because you can’t be like that. Or you see your friend’s so popular and you just a regular person then you feel so miserable. That’s the negative side of social media. You can still enjoy social media but make a limit, don’t be too much watching other peoples’ lives cause it will make us feel ungrateful.

You take everyone’s opinion on you and you save it deeply in your mind

Taking everyone’s opinion on you

Well, we can’t avoid some people that are so mean to us and we can’t also decide what people want to say. We can’t decide everyone like and love us. Everyone has their own opinion about other. We should have the filter for it. When someone said bad about us, let them talk whatever they want, don’t put their opinion as your base of life. There’s a difference between critics and insult and all of that will depend on us. When they tell you that you are ugly, then just ignore it. They know nothing about you and you don’t deserve their negative word. When someone said “you will be nice if you wear pink” it doesn’t mean you have to wear pink. It just what people want in their eyes. So you need to build a filter for your mind, which one is good to take and can make your life upgraded, which one is just people want you to feel miserable. 

You chose to be down and break

You chose to be down and break

Well as I said before you need to have a filter for your life. That filter is you as the one and only that will choose it. We can’t stop people being rude, every corner on earth you will find this type of person. It will be ourselves that choosing will be drowned in their negative words or we keep going and show them they are wrong.

Some people will come to you and said “ugh. look at your double chin, it’s huge”. So what? We are human we have a chin.  Or you will come home running into your bedroom and seeing your chin and cry and don’t wanna eat until you lose that double chin.

We can’t always hold our emotion to be happy and strong, sometimes we get to the point where we are sad and feel like no one likes us. That has no problem with it because we are human. God gives us feeling to feel the emotion, but it doesn’t mean we have to drown in sad and feel miserable. Keep in mind that we can keep going when people don’t like us. We live not for pleasing every eyeball in this world.

Alright, those are 5 reasons why you become miserable and how to avoid it. Do you ever feel so down? Or you kind of “eh whateva..” person? Do you have a story about it? Let me know down below. xoxo

In our life, it will be easier to see other people happiness then ours. We used to forget that we can still breathe freely is the most happiness we have. Some people even need to pay for the oxygen just to breathe. Do you realize that? Now how do we achieve that that level of happiness? That’s simple, just being a grateful person. Here are my way to be a grateful person 


Start with a small action

small action

Small action around the day that can make someone’s day happier. You have done a kindness thing in your day. Not a big deal like buying a house for the homeless, just start by helping an old lady to cross the road or give some pennies to the charity. You will be thankful because you can see people that still needed some help and you are capable to help them. Being grateful means being kind to other people.

Give more to the other

The more you give the more you realize how much you have and you actually don’t need that much in your life, it just your desire to have it, instead of need it. When you have realized you having much you will be thankful for your life all this time.

Repeat it every day


Grateful is the habit that needs to be built. Start your day with happiness instead of complaining. Remember that every morning you wake up you can still see the sun instead of complaining why morning come so fast. When you start this habit you will have such a nice thought during the day because you start your day with positive thinking even small.

Being grateful doesn’t mean you should say thank you to all people all the time, but being a grateful person is accepting what we have and make it as happiness. Then when you can make it, share the spark around you so they will be a grateful person too.

“Blogger” for some people is not an interesting job, it is unprofessional and no income. Yeah that is from the people who doesn’t like keyboard-maybe. (LOL). Blogging seems unrecognized job before at least for me, I thought that blogging is only write things in the internet then people can take the advantages of our brain-work freely.

When I was in senior high school I join one of fiction-writing organizations. There they taught me how to write a short story until a book. It was so interesting for me because I like to write short story when I get bored in the class. I made around 3 novel but I kept it by myself because I have no confident to sell it. I saw some of my friends they can make it into a big book store but they use their own money, they are rich kid tho. That’s why I just kept all of my story inside my cupboard until I lost them all.

My dream as an writer is still going on until now, even I have some other desire to be but still need time to make it through. And then I knew that if become a book author somewhat difficult for me, there’s nothing to be difficult in blogging. I just need to put my idea there and people can see that and if they like it, it is a bonus for me. There are several other reason why I started to blog. You wanna know? Here they are:

I started to blog because I have lots of spare time

I am stay-at-home mom, after my daughter take a nap I used to feel confused what should I do next, when everything has been done. I will back again watch youtube or read someone blog, but that’s making me even more eager to do something else. 

I started to blog because I want some income that I get from my hard work

Before married I used to be an employee, I work 5 days a week and get my own income. I work behind the desk and having a nice job at that time. Even sometimes I used to feel bored with the job I had and just wanna be in home as a stay-at-home mom. After I got married we moved to US and I can’t work outside because of some administration rules I can’t pass, so what I think first is start the business from home that I capable without making me messed up other thing also I get the income for myself by myself. 

I started to blog because I want to express my passion Publicly

I have passion in photography but I want to be a good writer too, so why don’t I combine these things and become a blogger who can share positivity that cross in my mind. And hopefully can make my reader motivate by my words.


I started to blog because I like it

Do whatever you like as long as it is not harmful for you or other people. Blogging is not harmful for me, and my content is always informative which means I am not harming anyone. So what should I wait to start a blog.

As a blogger I learn a lot of things. I also start to read books more than before. I even more into positive mind rather than negative mind when deciding anyone behavior on me. And still a lot of benefit to be a blogger. So how about you guys? What is your passion? What makes you motivated everyday?

I like when people say, “your face is cleaner than the last time I saw you”. Who doesn’t wanna have a flawless face? Everybody wants to have it, but unfortunately to get the flawless face should do some of the things which are required some movements. Honestly, I am not a girl who likes to spend my time to clean my face especially at night when everything I want is just my soft and smooth pillow.

I used to hang out with my friend until late night and when I got home I just didn’t have any passion anymore to wash my face, from then I got a lot of acne and the scars still there on my face and I so regret of that. So from my experience, I learned some simple ways to clean my face when I am so lazy, and here we go 3 Simple Ways to Clean Your Face When You Are Lazy.

1. Never ever sit whenever you get home

The very first thing you do whenever you get home is going to the sink and clean your face and never ever let your butt touch the bed before it. This is the simplest way to combat laziness. When you get home and sit down for a while you will be lazy to do anything and you will be ended up seeing the Instagram feed for the eternity time.

2. Makeup remover pad

Makeup Remover Pad

So you can’t pass the first’s way and you just too lazy to wake up from your throne, the thing you can do is making a makeup remover pad every week. Yes, makeup remover is so the ready to use, but you need to take cotton and the makeup remover separately, why don’t just mix them and put them beside your bed, whenever you are lazy to get up and wash your face, you have this makeup remover pad ready to swipe all over your face and taadaa your face is clean.

3. Take advantage from your bladder

You just not into making things like makeup remover pad, because of you just lazy to make it. Then you can take the advantage from your bladder. Before you sleep at night when you feel you gotta go to the restroom then take the advantage by washing your face too. So you no need to go back again to the bathroom to clean your face.

There you go 3 simple ways to clean your face when you are lazy. As a human, it is okay to be lazy sometimes but not all the time because it will affect your life in negative ways. However lazy you are, keep in your mind that your face should be clean before you sleep. When you skip to clean it one day then you be skipping it all the week than months and when your face getting pimples you will be adding more money to heal the acne and have to sacrifice for other efforts to get rid those pimples. So what do you do when you are lazy to clean your face?