“Blogger” for some people is not an interesting job, it is unprofessional and no income. Yeah that is from the people who doesn’t like keyboard-maybe. (LOL). Blogging seems unrecognized job before at least for me, I thought that blogging is only write things in the internet then people can take the advantages of our brain-work freely.

When I was in senior high school I join one of fiction-writing organizations. There they taught me how to write a short story until a book. It was so interesting for me because I like to write short story when I get bored in the class. I made around 3 novel but I kept it by myself because I have no confident to sell it. I saw some of my friends they can make it into a big book store but they use their own money, they are rich kid tho. That’s why I just kept all of my story inside my cupboard until I lost them all.

My dream as an writer is still going on until now, even I have some other desire to be but still need time to make it through. And then I knew that if become a book author somewhat difficult for me, there’s nothing to be difficult in blogging. I just need to put my idea there and people can see that and if they like it, it is a bonus for me. There are several other reason why I started to blog. You wanna know? Here they are:

I started to blog because I have lots of spare time

I am stay-at-home mom, after my daughter take a nap I used to feel confused what should I do next, when everything has been done. I will back again watch youtube or read someone blog, but that’s making me even more eager to do something else. 

I started to blog because I want some income that I get from my hard work

Before married I used to be an employee, I work 5 days a week and get my own income. I work behind the desk and having a nice job at that time. Even sometimes I used to feel bored with the job I had and just wanna be in home as a stay-at-home mom. After I got married we moved to US and I can’t work outside because of some administration rules I can’t pass, so what I think first is start the business from home that I capable without making me messed up other thing also I get the income for myself by myself. 

I started to blog because I want to express my passion Publicly

I have passion in photography but I want to be a good writer too, so why don’t I combine these things and become a blogger who can share positivity that cross in my mind. And hopefully can make my reader motivate by my words.


I started to blog because I like it

Do whatever you like as long as it is not harmful for you or other people. Blogging is not harmful for me, and my content is always informative which means I am not harming anyone. So what should I wait to start a blog.

As a blogger I learn a lot of things. I also start to read books more than before. I even more into positive mind rather than negative mind when deciding anyone behavior on me. And still a lot of benefit to be a blogger. So how about you guys? What is your passion? What makes you motivated everyday?

Because I run out of my face wash, so I looked for a new one. I was searching for so many product that has no perfume or things like that in it which can dry out my skin and leave me tight feeling on my face just like my old facial wash did.

After searching and browsing I decided to try face wash from The Body Shop Aloe Calming Foaming Wash. In the packaging, this face wash is fragrance-free, colorant-free, preservative-free and alcohol-free.

My skin type was so oily and because of that I tried lots of product to decrease the oil on my skin and now it becomes so dry even flaky and wrinkly in some areas like between my eyebrows. This is why I need a gentle face wash that will not scrape off my skin natural oil and makes my skin even drier.

The product is in liquid form but when I pump it out it will transform into the foam. Honestly, this is my first time using foaming face wash like this one. I was confused in the beginning because how can it clean my face with this foam. I tried once and failed because I spread into my palm first like regular face wash and when I put onto my face the lather just gone. I was like “whaat?!”. I tried again the second time and I put onto my face directly after I pump without spreading on my palm and it works that way. I was laughing because I was so scared this thing is not worth it.

My problem with face wash is some of them are drying my face afterward, makes my skin feel so tight like anything and also I really easy to get breakout from face wash even it just a facial wash and will not stay for long time on my skin but I could get breakout and when I got breakout it will take months to get better.

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Foaming Wash is not making my skin as tight as before but I still feel some dryness after I washed my face. I think if I use moisturizer this dry-feeling will not be a big issue. 


  • Alcohol-free
  • The foam makes it last long in one pump
  • Affordable (I got it for around $9)
The Body Shop Aloe Foaming Wash


  • I still can feel dryness on my face
  • I can’t get the travel size because I travel a lot and transferring product to new bottle just not my passion

I think for the next I want to try another face wash from the body shop like the tree tea oil one or maybe will try cetaphil cleanser but for now, I will use this face wash and see the difference on my skin.

So how about you gangs? Do you have the same skin problem as I have?