Breakfast is the most important thing to do in the morning. We need food as our fuel to start the day. Here is one of my favorite breakfast from India. It’s called Idli. This is how we make it:





• Ingredients:

– 3 cups rice

– 1 cup urad dal (split black gram)

– 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds

– Salt

– Baking soda (optional)


– Soak rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds for 4 to 6 hours

– Grind soaked rice, urad dal, and fenugreek seeds until becoming a thick and soft batter

– Put in container

– Let it sit overnight, it will be fermented

– Once the batter ready take some portions to another container and mix with some salt (and some baking soda – optional)

– Steam the batter in idli steamer for about 10 minutes

– Idli is ready, served with your favorite chutney



• Let the batter sit in the preheated oven if you live in cool places like New Jersey. But make sure the oven is off and not too hot when you keep the batter inside

• Make sure the steamer water is boiled before you put the batter inside

• Baking soda is used to make idli softer and more spongy

• Don’t put too much batter in idli mold because it will be messed

• Once you touch the idli and it does not stick to your finger, it means it is ready