There are lots of products in the market that offers you the best about pore strip. Some of them simply using glue over the paper and sell it with the unreasonable price. Fortunately, we can still DIY our own pore strip at home as easy as flipping our hand. The key to this DIY is gelatine. Yes, gelatine!. Here I share you how to make pore strip at home by using gelatine.

Get the gelatine


As my experience, the gelatine that works best is the unflavoured one. I have tried the one that has flavored but it was going to be like a pudding on my face instead of pore strip, it may be because of the sugar in it. Take one of the packages and put into a small bowl along with 1 tbs milk or until the gelatine dissolve. Please be careful when you put the milk in because if it is too much the gelatine will not work as a pore strip (I’ve been there). If you don’t have milk you can always use water, as long as the gelatine becomes like a thin paste.


Put in the microwave

After you mixed the gelatine and milk, put the mixture in the microwave for 10 to 15 second (depend on your microwave). The gelatine should be just melted not boiled. Mix again until it becomes a thin paste and somewhat warm (not too hot to apply to the skin).

Apply to the skin

Apply to the skin which you think has so much blackhead and whitehead but for me, I like to apply all over my face. I apply it by using a small spoon because if I use a brush the gelatine will be wasted on the brush and if I apply by using my bare hand it will be like sticky on my finger (which I don’t like), so small spoon is the best for me, plus it easier to clean after. Apply a somewhat thick layer so it will be easier to peel off. Leave the gelatine mask on your skin for about 30 minutes to an hour or until it dries and peel it.

time to peel off

After about 30 minutes my mask dried up and I can peel it easily. I peel it from the bottom up.

And here is the result

I do this gelatine mask 2 times a month, so I think it is enough to collect all the gunk on my oily skin. I don’t recommend this gelatine mask if you have sensitive or dry skin because it can make your skin even dryer. After using this mask I feel my face as smooth as baby skin again (before is like a hedgehog).

Alright, guys, that’s one of my weapons to make those blackhead and whitehead gone from my face. This pore strip is easy and affordable to use. The really hard thing is collecting the motivation to do it (lazy girl related). How about you guys, do you prefer to make your own pore strip or you rather buy the commercial one? Or do you have your own recipe for your pore strip? Please let me know in the comment below. xoxo

Some of us must be having trouble with our skin, especially on our face. Every day we use makeup, we go outside, we took a lot of residues from the product we use until the dust that sticks to our face, because of that, our face deserve to have some cares. One of the skin care I like to have every week is scrubbing. This time I’m gonna share you my sugar and honey scrub. One of the benefits of sugar and honey scrub for your glowing face, it is natural and you have it in your kitchen.

Here how we do this:

  • First, wash your face with warm water
  • Prepare sugar and honey in the small bowl (1 tbsp sugar – 1 tbsp honey)
  • Mix the ingredients
  • Scrub your face GENTLY with the sugar and honey scrub, you can also scrub your lips to make it smooth and plump
  • After 1 minutes of scrubbing wash your face with cold water
  • Apply moisturizer of yours

Skincare is used for making our skin healthier. Some people might have sensitive skin but some might have strong skin to be scrubbed even harder. So make sure you do not overdo whatever it is. Here is my video about sugar and honey face scrub you might like to watch.

Hopefully, this skin care routine of mine is helpful for you guys. Just remember do not overdo it, because it can irritate your skin. We want to make our skin glow and healthy not suffered. By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. xoxo