Constipation is tough for the parents and the baby, it makes the family worried what is actually going on to their baby. Baby’s digestion is not as mature as their parents, so some babies might have difficulty to pass the bowel movement yet some babies just absorb everything into their body so there is nothing to go out from her digestion. Some of the breastfeeding babies have no poo for days and it can be the babies absorb all the nutrient in breast milk and have the waste only in their pee. So as stay-at-home mom who work alone to take care of my baby without anyone in home, I have some ways to do when my baby get constipated. Let’s get into it.

1. Check the baby wet diaper

First thing I do to make sure she is okay is checking her wet diaper. When it is always full, in good color and enough change a day. Checking her wet diaper also make me sure she is not dehydrate. She might not get constipated but she just need some more time to make bowel movement.

2. Massage her belly and her back

Photo by: The Healing Garden Me UK

The second thing I would do when my baby get constipated is to massage her belly and her back by using baby oil. Gently massage the belly using circular motion from the left to the right to gimmick the movement inside her belly and helping the faces go out easier.

Massage her back from upper to lower side, it can make the baby relax. Remember to massage gently, never put too much pressure as it can hurt the baby. Sometime you will heard the baby fart when you massage her belly and that means something good is going on. Keep the timing when massaging her, for example, massage her for 10 minutes and repeated every hour.

3. Bend her knee on her stomach and put gentle pressure

After you massage her belly then bend her knee and put on top her stomach then gently press it. This way to gimmick her urge to poop, when the urge come than she will be naturally push the faces out.

4. Give her fruit juice or smoothie

Basically giving her juice help her to poop, it is not only prune or apple, mango also work on her. She likes mango smoothie, so I gave her more mango smoothie and it works plus it is natural. Water also help to get rid of constipation because the feces need liquid to go through the colon, but the colon keep absorbing the liquid form feces, so we need even more liquid to get it through.

5. Change the formula milk or the solid food

Some baby can’t fit into some brands of formula or some kind of foods that make them hard to digest. In the formula case, many parents didn’t put enough water into the milk making the milk thicker and that can cause the feces hard to digest. In the solid food case, for some baby that are new to solid food they can have constipation because there is a new thing come into their digestion and need to make adjustment. Make sure to give baby kind of thicker-but-still-liquidy solid food so the baby won’t be shocked and refuse to eat that.

6. Ask the doctor

When everything we do but nothing work and we start to worry because the baby is not getting poop for more than 3 days then we need to ask doctor or pediatrician what should we do next. Some of the pediatrician will give you something like pill to put inside the baby butt and make it work. Fortunately I never use this and thankfully we go through everything with natural remedies. But some pediatrician also will recommend to use something like her temperature to put into the baby’s butt to push the baby’s bowel movement.

Baby get constipated might occurred because of the mommy’s diet too, but this is just for breastfeeding baby. Once a while cross check what we have eaten is good so we can treat the cause of constipation even more easier.

Every baby is different, these are things I and my husband did if my daughter get constipation. Sometimes the constipation gone and sometimes it will be back and once we know the way to treat it we have no worry anymore. Keep asking the pediatrician about something you might be hesitated. It will be more safer. So what is your secret remedy to cure the little one constipation?