LDR or Long Distance Relationship is not an odd thing anymore around the society. Thanks to internet. I and my husband were in the same field before, Yap I was in Indonesia and he was in India. My husband is Indian. We connect each other by using Skype everyday for around 4 years until we decided to get married and stay in US until now. Being as LDR couple is not easy, there were lots of challenges to break us apart. Fortunately we could through all those things and arrive in this stage now. So for you that just started in LDR, these are 5 things LDR couple need to know.

  1. 1. Being in LDR Couple means you have to be in the strong commitment

Lock Your Relationship With Commitment

Being in LDR is not easy both of you have to commit that you are not single but you will be alone everywhere you go. You will see some couple are hugging and holding hands in front of you while you just holding your mobile and feeling jealous. This is why you must have strong commitment, if you get the temptation to do so but you are alone just remember the karma. You don’t want your partner to cheat on you right? so don’t ever cheat on him/her ever. 

  1. 2. Being LDR means you are ready to sleep late at night

Sometimes the distance is just far and timing also so much different. When I was still in LDR with my husband we were different 1,5 hours. It wasn’t a big deal until my husband move to US couple months before we get married. The time is 12 hours different, so when it is 1 am in Indonesia there in US will be 1 pm. When the time for me to sleep and he just started the day. It was so tough in the beginning to adjust but by the time we got hang of it and we have no problem with it.

  1. 3. Be financial ready


So long distance relationship makes us missing each other more than regular couple who can meet every single day just in 10 minutes drive. Being in LDR you need to prepare for the financial. You need to arrange time and money when you want to meet your love. if your distance can reach 3 hours by car that fortunate for you because you won’t need as much money as flight ticket price. My husband flew from India to Indonesia took around $ 2000 for the first time. That was because he booked the flight directly to my city but if he was booked just to Jakarta and booked ticket separately to my city the price was only $ 800. What a ridiculous price, isn’t it?  However you have to be ready for paying the meet-up-family-food, gift, and so on.

  1. 4. Believe your partner

I used to angry and distrust my husband in the first month our relation because I never be in long distance relationship. I was so afraid if he cheat on me or do other things that will break us apart. But those are silly. If you put the relation in that condition trust me it won’t work. The more you distrust your partner the harder your relation will be. So it is important for both of you to trust each other and keep in your mind this relation is not a joke. This relation is for you and me not just you or not just me. When you both trusting each other never break that trust.

  1. 5. Don’t forget to pray everyday

Whatever your religion is, for me praying is a must. Take your time to talk to the almighty about your feeling and pray that he/she will be yours until the end of your life. When the almighty say yes there’s nothing to worry about anymore.

Those are 5 things LDR couple need to know and all are basic for you to have long last relationship. Remember your relationship is different with other so don’t ever compare it because it will lead you to jealousy and heart attack (LoL). It is better to respect each other in the relationship whether it’s in distance or not. Hope you get the inspiration from my post. Thank you for visiting.