Well since I married to Indian man who loves sweet very much, I ended up tasting some of Indian sweet too. Honestly I don’t really like sweet but because of him I started to have some favorites of sweet. So here is maysore pak, Indian snack you have to try as soon as you find Indian store wherever you are.

Maysore pak has some types

I just knew that maysore pak has some types which are the hard one and the soft one. The hard one looks like honeycomb and the soft one just like regular soft cake. In this post I’m gonna share you the soft one.

Soft Maysore Pak

For some people (including me) soft maysore pak is sweeter than the hard one, but both of them are full of ghee which is Indian clarify butter. This stuff is a good everyone. It has its own aroma which will call your mouth to eat it again and again.

Often found in Wedding Ceremony


Maysore pak often found in wedding ceremony as a gift to god and for entertain the guest who come to the wedding ceremony. It’s not only maysore pak but still other kind of sweet like ladoo, halwa and so on. By the time you realize you are already full by the sweet.

The taste

Soft Maysore Pak

Maysore pak made from sugar, ghee and gram flour. Because of that once you eat it, it will melt on you tongue and makes you say “hmmm”. Especially for you who has sweet tooth like my husband, this is like your gold. I’m sure you will like it.

There are a lot of sweet from India that endless. You will always find sweet everywhere and every time. Indian will never get bored to sweet dishes. I remember one day my husband came to Indonesia and the only thing he missed was the sweet. I serve him a lot of sweet dishes but there’s nothing close with his definition of sweet. After I knew the sweet he means is like this, I know now why he did’t get what he wanted.

How about you guys? Do you ever taste maysore pak? What do you think about it? Or do you have other kind of sweet? Let me know in the comment section below. xoxo

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