For some of us, eyeliner is a must whenever we go out. Generally, eyeliner will be black and it will be as dark as possible but sometimes we get bored with the black one and want to have other different colors. The problem is most of the makeup company will sell you one color for one eyeliner, which for some people it will be out of the budget. So here is one of makeup idea you can try that will help you to have so many colors for your eyeliner without breaking your wallet. The answer is to use eyeliner from eyeshadow and here is how to make eyeliner from eyeshadow (DIY makeup).

Choose the eyeshadow color

Eyeshadow of your choice

You can use whatever color you want, just make sure the eyeshadow is from powder or liquid one. I don’t recommend you to use cream shadow because it tends to be messed and not set. Here I’m using eyeshadow palette from Shany cosmetic     which is affordable and has so many colors in one palette.  You can use eyeshadow palette from     wet and wild     or other brands too.

Other things you’ll need

Water in The Spray Bottle

I use water in the spray bottle because I don’t have the setting spray. If you can get the setting spray you no need to use water. The setting spray will hold the eyeshadow even better, so there will be no smudge by the end of the day. Another thing you’ll need is a mixing plate. I got my mixing plate from elf.


If you don’t have something like that, you can simply use a small plate or something that has a flat surface. As long as it can be used for mixing the eyeshadow and water or the setting spray.


After you get all those things, we are ready to make our DIY eyeliner. The first thing you need to do is to make sure the mixing plate is free from other thing and clean. And then scrape some of the eyeshadow powder to the mixing plate.


I’m using eyebrow ruler to scrape my eyeshadow, but if you don’t have, the spoon will do the same as long as you don’t put too much pressure when you scrape it or it will be brake and mess. Scrape easily, you don’t need much of eyeshadow.

After you are happy with the amount of the eyeshadow on your mixing plate, time to spray the water to it.


Take some distance when you spray the water, so you can control how much water that comes into the eyeshadow. I didn’t put much, just like 3 sprays. Then, mix it until it becomes pasty.


When the mixture becomes pasty enough we can apply it on our eyelid. In case you put too much water, you can always add some more eyeshadow powder or translucent powder to thicken the paste, or simply throw some drops of the water and add little more eyeshadow.

Apply the DIY eyeliner


Apply a thin layer first before you go bold. We wanna try our creation slowly and when you sure it’s great, then you can add more layer and be even bolder. I’m using eyeliner brush that I bought long ago, so the brush is not that pretty anymore but it still does the job. 


Before you apply any makeup on your eyelid, I recommend you to use eye primer so then the makeup will not smudge or leave a mark on your crease or anything like that. For me, my eyelid is not that oily but still sometimes if I forget to use the primer, the eyeshadow or eyeliner will be smudge and leaving a mark in my crease.

Alright, that is all how to make eyeliner from eyeshadow (DIY makeup). If you have done this DIY please tag me in Instagram – Fadiah qisthina. Thank you. xoxo

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