There are a lot of types of visa you can find all over the country. Every country has its own visa type. In this post, I’m gonna share you how I got one of visa that I have which is F2 visa. The F2 visa is a visa that used for the dependent of the F1 holder. the F1 is a student visa for the USA, so when the student wants her/his relative to come like the parents or spouse they can come by using F2 visa. This visa will be valid in five years. Here are the steps on how to make an F2 visa.

First Document to be prepared for F2 visa

The very first step I did was checking the US embassy website and see what is the requirement there. At first, I was so confused to choose which visa should I make because I know nothing about it. I came to one of the tourism agency in my town and they said they never handle the F2 visa. I was so afraid after that, in my mind was how can I get thru this, where no one helped me.


Then in the US embassy website, they have the option for F2 so I open it and just do step by step. Because I come for my husband so the proof is our marriage certificate. The first document I prepared was our marriage certificate. Then there is another problem. Our marriage certificate is in the Indonesian language not in English. I have to find the legal translator around my town which is none at that time. I have to go online here and there and I got it. Problem solved (but costly).

So the first document to be prepared is proof about you and the F1 holder. What your position with them is. If you have this make sure it is in English or translated into English, but keep in mind that the original document should be present when you are in the interview.


The F1’s copy of passport and visa


These documents are important, the interviewer will ask the F1′ passport and visa copy in the very beginning. Make sure the copy is A4 size for an individual page. Because the F1 holder is my husband so it will be my husband passport and visa copy.


some important letters from the college


When my husband accepted into the college, they sent him a letter telling about the acceptance into the college. That letter then I brought into the interview but only the copy. There’s another important letter that needs to be brought in and it should be the original one which is the I-20. This letter issued by the college itself. And this is so important because when we enter the US at the airport they will ask about I-20 and our passport.

I have a small incident in connection with my I-20. When I attended the interview, they ask me to show my I-20 and because we were talking and I was so excited too, I forgot my I-20. I leave it with the interviewer, I don’t know that we have to take it back. I thought they will just keep it as the other documents. I was so worried about it. Fortunately, they respond to my email and sent it back to me with my passport. If you’re having I-20 to show, please don’t forget to ask the interviewer about your I-20, just don’t leave it directly like what I did.

I was also bringing the copy of his college fee documents, his college ID card, and some other documents that supporting me to get the F2 visa.


Other Documents that can support us


I heard that his friend’s wife should show their bank account around $30,000 when she was being interviewed and also she was using an agency to help her get the F2. I was again confused because of this. Well from where I got that much money in my bank? So I decide to not have this document. I didn’t bring my bank account. Fortunately, they don’t even ask about it. Thank god.

Other documents that can support me that time was his driving license, apartment bill, bank statement as proof that he has a place for me to stay. But again, fortunately, they didn’t ask me about those things. Literary, I had to show my marriage certificate, his passport and visa copy, I-20 and the letter form college.


Get the appointment

After all those documents are completed, I login into the US embassy website and start the steps. 

Receipt Copy

First, print the receipt for paying the fee in the bank. Then the bank will give us the receipt copy. Don’t lose it, because when are in line the security will ask us to show this as proof. I paid $160 that time.

Second, fill the DS-160 form online in the US embassy website itself. Be careful when you fill it, don’t fill with lie tho (LOL). After you’re done fill the form, there will be the number for future login in case you wanna change before the appointment day.

Appointment F2
Appointment Letter

Third, schedule the appointment that suits you and prints the scheduled appointment.

Forth, come to the US embassy. I suggest you come 30 minutes before the scheduled time, so you don’t need to wait too long there. Be ready with some documents on your hand, because when you wait in line the security will check it. They will ask you to show the bank receipt, appointment letter, and 2″x2″ portrait of you.


Fifth, If you get accepted then you will need to wait for the visa to get back to you. I chose shipment method so I no need to go to the embassy again to take it.


After all those chaos of preparing the documents and the day that has been scheduled come. Keep relax, don’t be afraid. they will just ask you, they won’t eat you. Answer all of the questions with confidence and truth then it’s time for them to decide whether you can get or not the visa. If you get then you will be happy but if you can’t there is always next time.

Alright, that is How to make an F2 visa. If you guys now are in this stage I wish you good like. Don’t worry just be confident. Hope you get the visa. Let me know down below your story when you make any visa, do you have any case with the embassy? or everything going smooth?

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