In our life, it will be easier to see other people happiness then ours. We used to forget that we can still breathe freely is the most happiness we have. Some people even need to pay for the oxygen just to breathe. Do you realize that? Now how do we achieve that that level of happiness? That’s simple, just being a grateful person. Here are my way to be a grateful person 


Start with a small action

small action

Small action around the day that can make someone’s day happier. You have done a kindness thing in your day. Not a big deal like buying a house for the homeless, just start by helping an old lady to cross the road or give some pennies to the charity. You will be thankful because you can see people that still needed some help and you are capable to help them. Being grateful means being kind to other people.

Give more to the other

The more you give the more you realize how much you have and you actually don’t need that much in your life, it just your desire to have it, instead of need it. When you have realized you having much you will be thankful for your life all this time.

Repeat it every day


Grateful is the habit that needs to be built. Start your day with happiness instead of complaining. Remember that every morning you wake up you can still see the sun instead of complaining why morning come so fast. When you start this habit you will have such a nice thought during the day because you start your day with positive thinking even small.

Being grateful doesn’t mean you should say thank you to all people all the time, but being a grateful person is accepting what we have and make it as happiness. Then when you can make it, share the spark around you so they will be a grateful person too.

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