The false eyelashes is a tricky thing in the makeup industry. It needs the practice to be more used to and know the right way to use it. Everyone will have their own trick to apply the lashes, and some people even wearing the extension so then they no need to apply the tricky eyelashes again. Here are my way to apply the false eyelashes.

Choose the right false eyelashes

For me, it is all started with the right type of false lashes, because we don’t wanna end up looking like a mess. There are so many options out there online or in-store you can choose, from the expensive one till the cheapest one. Fake eyelashes have some types, the real human hair lashes, the mink eyelashes (which is from animal hair) and the synthetic one, They are all up to you which one you want to use, but for me I like the real human hair because it looks so natural but it doesn’t last for long. The one I have is from Salon perfect fully stacked 100% natural hair.

I bought a pair of lashes from eBay which is so freaking plastic. I’m so regret bought that one, fortunately, it doesn’t cost me much.

adjustment as needed

Sometimes the false lashes need some adjustment into our eyes. They might be longer to our eyes which we need to trim them off a little bit until they are fit into our eye shape, but if we have no problem with the adjustment we can skip this one.

Apply the mascara

The next step after the adjustment is applying the mascara. Here I’m using Maybelline Lash sensational.

spread the glue

Applying the false lashes we need the glue. Here I’m using fromRevlon Precision Lash Adhesive. Spread the glue nicely so then it won’t pop out during the day. After spreading the glue let it somewhat dry in about 30 seconds. Don’t apply when the glue still wet because it won’t stick to your lashline instead it will make a mess to your makeup.

Apply the false eyelashes

To apply the false lashes you can use the tweezers or simply your fingers. I use this kind of tweezer because it’s just easier for me.

I found that I need to tilt my head back while seeing down to the mirror is the easiest way to apply it.

And taadaaa. It is done!


There you go on how to apply false lashes. I wasn’t able too but I keep trying and practicing till I got the trick. How about you guys? Do you like to wear false lashes? What trick do you use to wear it? Please share me in the comment down below. xoxo


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