July 2019 I and my family went to Niagara Falls. We went there because my husband had a week free, so why not we use it for the tour. We were thinking we want to go there by using our own vehicle and drive my ourselves but after so many consideration we decide to just use a tour agency and will go there with the group. Sound easy. So what did we through in our Niagara Falls tour, is it worth it? Here is my story.


Niagara Falls Tour Budget

The fee for ticketing and food around Niagara Falls is not so expensive in my opinion. They just as regular price only. So if you just want to come to the maid of the mist and enjoy the view of the falls there is no difficulty in the budget I suppose. When we went there for ticketing to get to the maid of the mist id around $12 for adult (if I’m not wrong)

Niagara Falls Tour Fee


We went there in July, so it was summer days. But there was rain too when we were in The Cave of The Wind. If we went there when it is a hot day it will be great. Our tour guide decided we went at almost dark. so I’m not so impressed. I strongly suggest you to not using a tour agency and just do on your own so you can manage your own time if you wanna be slow or fast. No need to rely on someone else.

I’m not impressed at all with the timing that our tour guide is given to us. I was so disappointed because they were so hurried. When we were done from The Maid of The Mist we have to be fast to catch the bus to go to The Cave of The Wind. Two of our group member was left behind because they were slower than the rest of us. There is no wait. You late then will be left. Fortunately, those guys were able to catch us up by using Uber. I don’t know what will happen if that was me and my family. I mean I bring my 2 years old daughter with me.



Food in Niagara Falls

As I mentioned above the food is just like a normal price, not so expensive but not so cheap either. Taste-wise? well, when you’re traveling, taste doesn’t matter as long as you are not hungry and can continue your travel. But the food in Niagara falls is good, I mean not crap like no salt food (you know what I mean).

Close to the falls area, they provide a food court in a separate area from the falls. But still walkable. And they have so many varieties you can try from gyro until waffle. So I guess food is not so problematic in Niagara Falls. If you drive there by yourself and you bring your own food it will be even more convenient.  



Last time we went there, we stay at the Radisson hotel. There they have a swimming pool, breakfast, and the room also nice and cozy, but they don’t provide you toothbrushes and toothpaste. Why I talk about toothpaste and toothbrush here? Because most of the Asian hotel they will provide those things freely in the hotel. (LOL)

For the hotel price, I don’t know exactly how much because again we paid all with the tour package. But I guess it will be around $200 per night.


I’m glad I have visited Niagara Falls, just I so regret because I chose to use such as hurry tour agency. Maybe if I went only me and my husband it won’t be a problem but since we bring our daughter that was still 2 years old it is not so enjoying. Next time when we go there again we will be using our own car and drive-by ourselves. We can adjust our timing and everything there and no hurry.

To be honest I never travel abroad. I only travel inside Indonesia. In 2015 after married I come to the USA to accompany my husband who at that time was a student here. It was my first time going abroad and I have to go ALONE! So how is it like to go abroad alone, and what to expect when you come to the USA for the first time. Here are what I learned




Never Over Excited

When it is the first time we tend to be excited. We just don’t want to forget anything. So then we prepared as well as possible. When I was in that stage I was over-prepared. I was not sure what to wear and my husband said in JFK going to be cold (it was in the wintertime), and also some people said the flight is gonna be so cold too, be prepared with a warm outfit so you won’t be bothered when you inside. And guess what. I regret soooooo much.

I was wearing my winter jacket right from the start in my hometown which is around 33 degrees and me already sweaty, but because the flight was rush I don’t have enough time to change and even in transit which was in Dubai I didn’t change too because I was afraid I will take too long. Huh, my body odor was so bad already. I can’t imagine how regret I was. That is because I was too excited and then I prepared too well. So make sure to relax as much as possible and just enough. (LOL)



Prepare Your Money

The money that I mean is for the cart at the airport. Yes, we need to pay for the cart around $6. But if you don’t have change or cash you can use credit or debit card. In 2018 I was fly back to the US again for the 3rd time and I brought my baby that time, and the nightmare is I didn’t have cash for the cart, the money I exchange was all $100 knots so I was in trouble. I ask almost everyone there “can you lend me $6 and outside my husband will pay you back” and almost everyone said “NO, I DON’T HAVE” to me. Until at last anyone showed me a person who can take our luggage and bring it to the car directly and pay when it’s all done. Ahh thank God. Finally. Since then I will never ever forget to bring change again when I enter the US and if anyone has a problem with the cart I will help them as I can, ’cause I’ve been there and it was not good buddy.


Cold Sure Bother Me Anyway

Come to the USA for the first time in the winter is a moment I never forget. I was shivering once I out from the airport. I came to JFK, New York so it was cold. In just a minute after I was out from the airport, I wanna go to the restroom already but the parking was somewhat far, so I just handle it until I got home around 30 minutes journey by using our car. The journey was feeling so far cause I have to hold my pee. And I can’t even enjoy the view. Oh my. My first time was not so flowery like in the movie right. (LOL)

So if you are like me don’t ever ignore the feeling of going to the restroom. Cause it means a lot.


Food Is Costly

In the US you can find so many kinds of food here because like everyone from all over the world just come here to trade right. I was so confused when I came here for the first time. I didn’t find Indonesian food around me and I just saw it one in New York and costly. Yup, in the US everything is costly unless you go to dollar tree which is everything in a dollar. I was shocked just for grocery I can spend more than $100 in one shopping. I mean if you go Indonesia $100 you can spend groceries for more than a week as you buy groceries every day.


Because of that, I start to plan everything whenever I go shopping. It wasn’t like to take everything I want anymore. I have to stay in the budget as my husband was a student at that time. People here like to eat outside or order and the food will be delivered. Obviously they spend a lot on food. For me, I choose to cook at home and the money can be saved for other expenses. Also when you cook you know what is inside the food that you gonna put inside your body. But don’t get me wrong I also sometimes eat-out.


Most of The People Here Are Using Car

Back to Indonesia motorcycle is more common than a car, because the economic problem in Indonesia forces the people there to use motorcycle more than a car. Also, the road is not that wide like in the USA. So when I come to the USA for the first time, I was amazed by how everyone uses a car instead of a motorcycle. And the cars here are not all new, some people still using old school cars but they seem to enjoy it very much.



The Road is Wide and Confusing

Everywhere you go in the USA by road mostly you will use a high-way, and the high-way here is so wide. some will have 4 different lanes and every lane has its own direction, so if you come to the wrong lane means your direction will be changed too. If you have enough time to change the lane then you are saved but if not, you need to take another way and take around it. Taking around because of the wrong direction is not close, it is so far. Sometimes you need to through the same toll again and need to pay once more. Well, what a wonderful ride right.

Always use map whenever you go by using your car if you’re not familiar with the road. Cause it helps a lot.


By the time I’m here, I was able to adapt to the condition here. I start to know where to buy groceries for cheaper price and lots of things that I was thinking so amazing feeling more like usual. The most thing I wish is here every time is the warm sun. (LOL) 

So that was my experience when I come to the USA for the first time. I was knowing nothing and I walked everything by myself. So if now is your turn to explore abroad alone, don’t be afraid just be safe. Take care. xoxo


Well since I married to Indian man who loves sweet very much, I ended up tasting some of Indian sweet too. Honestly I don’t really like sweet but because of him I started to have some favorites of sweet. So here is maysore pak, Indian snack you have to try as soon as you find Indian store wherever you are.

Maysore pak has some types

I just knew that maysore pak has some types which are the hard one and the soft one. The hard one looks like honeycomb and the soft one just like regular soft cake. In this post I’m gonna share you the soft one.

Soft Maysore Pak

For some people (including me) soft maysore pak is sweeter than the hard one, but both of them are full of ghee which is Indian clarify butter. This stuff is a good everyone. It has its own aroma which will call your mouth to eat it again and again.

Often found in Wedding Ceremony


Maysore pak often found in wedding ceremony as a gift to god and for entertain the guest who come to the wedding ceremony. It’s not only maysore pak but still other kind of sweet like ladoo, halwa and so on. By the time you realize you are already full by the sweet.

The taste

Soft Maysore Pak

Maysore pak made from sugar, ghee and gram flour. Because of that once you eat it, it will melt on you tongue and makes you say “hmmm”. Especially for you who has sweet tooth like my husband, this is like your gold. I’m sure you will like it.

There are a lot of sweet from India that endless. You will always find sweet everywhere and every time. Indian will never get bored to sweet dishes. I remember one day my husband came to Indonesia and the only thing he missed was the sweet. I serve him a lot of sweet dishes but there’s nothing close with his definition of sweet. After I knew the sweet he means is like this, I know now why he did’t get what he wanted.

How about you guys? Do you ever taste maysore pak? What do you think about it? Or do you have other kind of sweet? Let me know in the comment section below. xoxo