One day you go to school and you forget to comb your hair, then your classmate mocked you like anything, you go home sad and feel miserable and you end up in depression. Well, it just one single example of what these days people are having. The feeling of being judged and not worth it made a lot of people lose even their life. Why does this happen? Here are 5 Reason Why You Become Miserable and How To Avoid It

Thinking too much of unnecessary thing

Thinking too much of unnecessary thing

Some of us just have too many times to think some unnecessary things. Things like which red lipstick should I use today? What if this rose red does not blend into the condition in my office? How about the red nude lipstick, oh no it’s too flat and bla.. bla.. bla..

Just for deciding things that actually has no effect in your friendship or even in your life instead, it will be taking your productive time and your good mood away. So how to avoid thinking too much of unnecessary thing? Earlier it will be hard, nothing is so easy in the beginning. Especially when you change your behavior but it doesn’t mean you can’t. Try to be simple. Remember sometimes less is more. We don’t need to be the best just to please other eyeballs. 

Feeling unsatisfied for everything

Feeling unsatisfied for everything

After you think too much then you will feel unsatisfied with whatever you’ve done. Some people feel unsatisfied because they can’t achieve as they expected. What do you need to do when you feel unsatisfied? First just stop thinking about it for a while. Take some break from it. When you have a break from this feeling you will be more grateful with whatever you have. More grateful so you won’t become miserable.

Social Media

Social media

Social media, if you take the positive vibe it will be good for you. Getting more and more ideas for your life but, if social media makes your life become miserable, why should you use it. Like you see your friend’s traveling picture and you were sad because you can’t be like that. Or you see your friend’s so popular and you just a regular person then you feel so miserable. That’s the negative side of social media. You can still enjoy social media but make a limit, don’t be too much watching other peoples’ lives cause it will make us feel ungrateful.

You take everyone’s opinion on you and you save it deeply in your mind

Taking everyone’s opinion on you

Well, we can’t avoid some people that are so mean to us and we can’t also decide what people want to say. We can’t decide everyone like and love us. Everyone has their own opinion about other. We should have the filter for it. When someone said bad about us, let them talk whatever they want, don’t put their opinion as your base of life. There’s a difference between critics and insult and all of that will depend on us. When they tell you that you are ugly, then just ignore it. They know nothing about you and you don’t deserve their negative word. When someone said “you will be nice if you wear pink” it doesn’t mean you have to wear pink. It just what people want in their eyes. So you need to build a filter for your mind, which one is good to take and can make your life upgraded, which one is just people want you to feel miserable. 

You chose to be down and break

You chose to be down and break

Well as I said before you need to have a filter for your life. That filter is you as the one and only that will choose it. We can’t stop people being rude, every corner on earth you will find this type of person. It will be ourselves that choosing will be drowned in their negative words or we keep going and show them they are wrong.

Some people will come to you and said “ugh. look at your double chin, it’s huge”. So what? We are human we have a chin.  Or you will come home running into your bedroom and seeing your chin and cry and don’t wanna eat until you lose that double chin.

We can’t always hold our emotion to be happy and strong, sometimes we get to the point where we are sad and feel like no one likes us. That has no problem with it because we are human. God gives us feeling to feel the emotion, but it doesn’t mean we have to drown in sad and feel miserable. Keep in mind that we can keep going when people don’t like us. We live not for pleasing every eyeball in this world.

Alright, those are 5 reasons why you become miserable and how to avoid it. Do you ever feel so down? Or you kind of “eh whateva..” person? Do you have a story about it? Let me know down below. xoxo

In our life, it will be easier to see other people happiness then ours. We used to forget that we can still breathe freely is the most happiness we have. Some people even need to pay for the oxygen just to breathe. Do you realize that? Now how do we achieve that that level of happiness? That’s simple, just being a grateful person. Here are my way to be a grateful person 


Start with a small action

small action

Small action around the day that can make someone’s day happier. You have done a kindness thing in your day. Not a big deal like buying a house for the homeless, just start by helping an old lady to cross the road or give some pennies to the charity. You will be thankful because you can see people that still needed some help and you are capable to help them. Being grateful means being kind to other people.

Give more to the other

The more you give the more you realize how much you have and you actually don’t need that much in your life, it just your desire to have it, instead of need it. When you have realized you having much you will be thankful for your life all this time.

Repeat it every day


Grateful is the habit that needs to be built. Start your day with happiness instead of complaining. Remember that every morning you wake up you can still see the sun instead of complaining why morning come so fast. When you start this habit you will have such a nice thought during the day because you start your day with positive thinking even small.

Being grateful doesn’t mean you should say thank you to all people all the time, but being a grateful person is accepting what we have and make it as happiness. Then when you can make it, share the spark around you so they will be a grateful person too.

As a human, we tend to make planning for our life, but sometimes that’s just a plan in our mind without the application. By the end of the year is the most popular time to do planning from the one which logic until the one that only a dream. So how to make all the plan going well? The secret is to be an organized person. Here I share you some ways how to be an organized person.

Make a weekly list

The first thing I suggest you do is making a to-do list. You can make it daily list until monthly list, for me it works best with the weekly list. The most important thing is we have to stick with it as straight as possible. Maybe in the way of doing this list, we get some adjustment but as long as we keep it in mind that we have to be straight with it then we can be more organized than before. When I can do like the list above, I feel more complete. I feel like my day gone completely clean. And if I missed just one of the list I feel my day has gone wasted and I will just leave all the list and back into scramble day.


Start in your mind to be an organized person

At least when you have the motivation your brain will think and command you to do something instead of just being potato couch.  Once you step up from your bed make something and do something. Set the time for everything, so then you know what to do and not end up by “zzzzz” a.k.a sleep. Set the time for a nap from when to when. For me, I do so rare napping because I feel it’s better to do something else then nap. Especially when my daughter is napping, I will do everything as much as I can, including “me time”.

Add a break

Being an organized person doesn’t mean you will always do something like a robot. Take a break for a while so you will not be so exhausted and give up to be organized. Taking a break might be vary to each person. Some people like to have coffee, a nap, or as complicated as a spa at home. It depends on you, for me taking a break means walking in park, blogging, doing the me-time, etc.

Don’t give up

Making a new habit is not as easy as flipping our hand, it needs time and adjustment. Sometimes we lost it but sometimes we are so organized every second.

Alright, those are the way on how to be an organized person. Keep trying is the key, as the last point said don’t give up. The study said we need at least 2 weeks to make a new habit, so keep it up. And now how about you guys? Do you have a to-do list? Do you make your own to-do list or you buy the templet? Let me know in the comment below. xoxo

For some women become a stay-at-home mom is not easy, it is challenging and sometime they just don’t wanna leave their wonderful career that they had before. Become one of them is not a nightmare, we just need to adjust some parts that we were not used to having it in our life before. So, what is it like to be a stay-at-home mom? This is my story.

Become a stay-at-home mom is fun

What else you want when you can be at home and have no dateline to rush? The real struggle is only you need to wake up earlier before anyone to prepare breakfast for the family. When everyone has gone to job and school you have plenty of time to do so many things you want. For a mom who still has a baby, she can still go for walk with her baby or just sit in front tv while having breakfast. Enjoying the time with the little one on the comfy couch in the morning while having breakfast is one of my favorite things.

Less makeup throughout the day

For some people using makeup at home is a common thing to do. When you are being a stay-at-home you will definitely do some “homework” that will make you sweat, that is why it is better to use less makeup if you choose to be a stay-at-home mom. By using less makeup it means less cha-ching to spend. LOL

Sometimes get stressed

As I mention earlier become a stay-at-home mom is fun, but there will be some bad news too. Get stressed is one of them. Being stay-at-home mom sometimes makes us overwhelmed with all of the things going on in the house and all of those things would only be known by us. You have to take care of the kitchen, make sure you do laundry, and keep the house clean. There will be a point where we just give up to be stay-at-home mom and want to go to the beach. Yes or yes?

you are the core of your family

As a stay-at-home mom is not a shame. Yes, we are not a career woman who has a lot of time working outside, but who said stay-at-home mom cannot have a career? Some of the stay-at-home mom these days they are working from home, which means they get the salary plus nonstop family time, what a wonderful life. When you are not around your family will feel something is not complete. you are the core of your family, without you, they will feel empty.

There are absolutely still so many feelings to be a stay-at-home mom, from the stressful one to be the happiest one, but these are commonly happening with a stay-at-home mom. For you who plan to be one, don’t be worried, it will be just fine. Some women are worry because the income will only come from the husband, but don’t make it as the reason because nowadays you can get income from home like making videos, blogs, or selling craft. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post and get inspired.

Constipation is tough for the parents and the baby, it makes the family worried what is actually going on to their baby. Baby’s digestion is not as mature as their parents, so some babies might have difficulty to pass the bowel movement yet some babies just absorb everything into their body so there is nothing to go out from her digestion. Some of the breastfeeding babies have no poo for days and it can be the babies absorb all the nutrient in breast milk and have the waste only in their pee. So as stay-at-home mom who work alone to take care of my baby without anyone in home, I have some ways to do when my baby get constipated. Let’s get into it.

1. Check the baby wet diaper

First thing I do to make sure she is okay is checking her wet diaper. When it is always full, in good color and enough change a day. Checking her wet diaper also make me sure she is not dehydrate. She might not get constipated but she just need some more time to make bowel movement.

2. Massage her belly and her back

Photo by: The Healing Garden Me UK

The second thing I would do when my baby get constipated is to massage her belly and her back by using baby oil. Gently massage the belly using circular motion from the left to the right to gimmick the movement inside her belly and helping the faces go out easier.

Massage her back from upper to lower side, it can make the baby relax. Remember to massage gently, never put too much pressure as it can hurt the baby. Sometime you will heard the baby fart when you massage her belly and that means something good is going on. Keep the timing when massaging her, for example, massage her for 10 minutes and repeated every hour.

3. Bend her knee on her stomach and put gentle pressure

After you massage her belly then bend her knee and put on top her stomach then gently press it. This way to gimmick her urge to poop, when the urge come than she will be naturally push the faces out.

4. Give her fruit juice or smoothie

Basically giving her juice help her to poop, it is not only prune or apple, mango also work on her. She likes mango smoothie, so I gave her more mango smoothie and it works plus it is natural. Water also help to get rid of constipation because the feces need liquid to go through the colon, but the colon keep absorbing the liquid form feces, so we need even more liquid to get it through.

5. Change the formula milk or the solid food

Some baby can’t fit into some brands of formula or some kind of foods that make them hard to digest. In the formula case, many parents didn’t put enough water into the milk making the milk thicker and that can cause the feces hard to digest. In the solid food case, for some baby that are new to solid food they can have constipation because there is a new thing come into their digestion and need to make adjustment. Make sure to give baby kind of thicker-but-still-liquidy solid food so the baby won’t be shocked and refuse to eat that.

6. Ask the doctor

When everything we do but nothing work and we start to worry because the baby is not getting poop for more than 3 days then we need to ask doctor or pediatrician what should we do next. Some of the pediatrician will give you something like pill to put inside the baby butt and make it work. Fortunately I never use this and thankfully we go through everything with natural remedies. But some pediatrician also will recommend to use something like her temperature to put into the baby’s butt to push the baby’s bowel movement.

Baby get constipated might occurred because of the mommy’s diet too, but this is just for breastfeeding baby. Once a while cross check what we have eaten is good so we can treat the cause of constipation even more easier.

Every baby is different, these are things I and my husband did if my daughter get constipation. Sometimes the constipation gone and sometimes it will be back and once we know the way to treat it we have no worry anymore. Keep asking the pediatrician about something you might be hesitated. It will be more safer. So what is your secret remedy to cure the little one constipation?

Let me guess, you walk to the class and someone just talking to you like they wanna roast you and you don’t even know what is your wrong. So you have in your mind that might be she/he is hating you because of your look. No way! Bullies hate whatever of you.

Bullies are some people who always wanna make you down and wanna make you belief that you are less compare to other. They will hate every second in your life and makes you regret on everything you chose. In this post I will share you 4 ways to deal with bullies, cause I’ve been there. Let’s jump into it!

1. Never ever feel sad

You are the most gorgeous person in the world, that’s why you have some people who always wanna see you in tears and depression. The bullies hate you because they can’t have what you have right now. Keep going on with your beautiful life, the rude comment and dislike is just part of social media don’t take it in your precious heart.

2. Listen but don’t get involved

You are what you are, this is your life. That’s true, but sometime you need to listen what people say about you. Just listen them and after that you decide is that worth it to be what they want or it just their feeling that we are not as common as other people. Never get involved of their wave because society just want something that followed what they want.

3. Speak up

When someone do bad things to you or we can say they bullied you, don’t save it alone in you mind, but share it. You have to tell your guardian (parents or someone you trust that can help you) about your problem. The sooner you tell them then you will never have to sink to the bottom of depression.

4. Literary just walk away

Bullies are bad, so never ever get closer to bullies. You walk away is because you don’t wanna get the negative impact from them and not because you scared, if they are chasing you, go to the safest place you know will help you out. When speak is no longer effective to stop bullies then you need to just ignore them by walk away from them. There are lots of people still wanna be your friends, partners, colleague (you name it), rather than you exhausted to keep all the bullies in your mind and trying hard how can they “accept” me. At some points after they bullied you, they will be tired of doing that to you because you are not get angry or depressed instead you ignore them and walk away from them.

No body is perfect in this world, everyone has their own weakness and that is common to have, it is not a big issue to have weaknesses. For you who had some experience of bullies you are the actual superior person because you can through the big wave and still having the best boat for your life. I was there in the same situation with you gangs. Bullies will never end as long as you get what they want which is your beautiful life.

As a human being we born we bring only our body. The only first thing we need is breath rather than cloth, sometimes even the nurse let us nude on top of mom’s body to feel each other in deep emotion. As we grow up we realize we need things that actually we just want it to make us more “visible” to other. How simple life is. Don’t you think become more simple is better? Like legend said “less is more”. So why we want something we don’t even need? In this post I want to share you some of reflections of our self and why I talk about minimalist? Let’s get started.

Why do we like to pile up things that is not necessary?

It is simply because of our brain designed to love new things. We always want to have new cloth every time we go to mall, even we have a bunch of clothes in our cupboard until it’s not enough anymore. Days in a week only seven, but you have cloth enough for 3 people in a year. Let’s think again how much money we wasted. We could have save that money to travel and see the world rather than buy things that will ended up untouched.

Need vs Want

Sometimes we have some stuffs because we want it without thinking the next step what is the use of it. Our “need” vs our “want” is complicated, thanks for urban life which is always bombarded with advertisement that is showing how easy life with some tools, basically if we see again we don’t really need it. We buy grocery food freshly from market, and we also going out for lunch because we are lazy to cook, this is why “need” and “want” is complicated.

The Power Of Minimalism

Minimalism is not only for your stuff in your cupboard, but it is also for your life. Minimalism can bring you to be an easy going person. For example, you no longer need to be stressed out just for going out and think what should you wear and make people eyes happy to see you instead you will think more about what you feel, if it makes you feel more comfort than you go with it. The more you go being minimalist the more you learn how to be a thankful and respect person.

Minimalism is easy

The very first step you can do is to take a note of things you have and things you wanna declutter. Then you can try to reduce your expenses in something unnecessary like “the third pair of shoes for this month”, it is helping a lot. You can also start by giving some of your item that is not being used in a year to someone that needed more. Start to be minimalist from things you are ready to get rid of, but if you try it in sudden nothing will work.

Don’t be too strict to your self if it is hard for you. Being minimalist doesn’t mean you have nothing at all. Being minimalist is the lifestyle you choose to make you happier and less stress. And also being minimalist is different with cheapskate where you don’t wanna spent much of anything because of money, but being minimalist is the way you simplify your lifestyle that can manage your productivity, your emotion and also ease your life.

When it come to personal things some people choose to hide it but some people will share it because it’s fun to share who we are, and if we have the same thing there we will realize how life is not stuck just in front of your eyes.

Here I share you 15 facts about me. Let’s get started.

  1. I am the eldest sibling from two children
  2. My husband is an Indian
  3. I have one little cute daughter who always hanging on me and I can’t say no
  4. I am a stay-at-home mom who has a lot of space time
  5. I am a breastfeeding mom
  6. I do not like smoker because they bring toxic everywhere
  7. I feel disgusted so easy for things that is public-touchable
  8. I was drowning in the very first time visited the swimming pool, I thought it was just like bath tub, luckily I’m survived
  9. I can easily get anxiety on something that is not in order, like when I drove I found my finger has dry skin that need to be gone, so I stopped my vehicle beside the road just to pull that skin off then I can calm down and continue my ride.
  10. I better buy cheap cloth rather than expensive brand one because it just a cloth
  11. I like to eat my mom’s home made food, once I back to my mom home she will always cook spicy fish soup for me. Sluuurrrp.
  12. I don’t like politic but i like cat
  13. Sometimes I got impatient in waiting, that makes me leave even I’m still in the conversation
  14. I have fierce face but actually I am a soft person just like bunny’s fur
  15. I love to eat meatball

There you go, 15 facts about me. Hopefully it’s fun to read. I have one thing before this post end, “be yourself, be positive”. Thank you.

“Blogger” for some people is not an interesting job, it is unprofessional and no income. Yeah that is from the people who doesn’t like keyboard-maybe. (LOL). Blogging seems unrecognized job before at least for me, I thought that blogging is only write things in the internet then people can take the advantages of our brain-work freely.

When I was in senior high school I join one of fiction-writing organizations. There they taught me how to write a short story until a book. It was so interesting for me because I like to write short story when I get bored in the class. I made around 3 novel but I kept it by myself because I have no confident to sell it. I saw some of my friends they can make it into a big book store but they use their own money, they are rich kid tho. That’s why I just kept all of my story inside my cupboard until I lost them all.

My dream as an writer is still going on until now, even I have some other desire to be but still need time to make it through. And then I knew that if become a book author somewhat difficult for me, there’s nothing to be difficult in blogging. I just need to put my idea there and people can see that and if they like it, it is a bonus for me. There are several other reason why I started to blog. You wanna know? Here they are:

I started to blog because I have lots of spare time

I am stay-at-home mom, after my daughter take a nap I used to feel confused what should I do next, when everything has been done. I will back again watch youtube or read someone blog, but that’s making me even more eager to do something else. 

I started to blog because I want some income that I get from my hard work

Before married I used to be an employee, I work 5 days a week and get my own income. I work behind the desk and having a nice job at that time. Even sometimes I used to feel bored with the job I had and just wanna be in home as a stay-at-home mom. After I got married we moved to US and I can’t work outside because of some administration rules I can’t pass, so what I think first is start the business from home that I capable without making me messed up other thing also I get the income for myself by myself. 

I started to blog because I want to express my passion Publicly

I have passion in photography but I want to be a good writer too, so why don’t I combine these things and become a blogger who can share positivity that cross in my mind. And hopefully can make my reader motivate by my words.


I started to blog because I like it

Do whatever you like as long as it is not harmful for you or other people. Blogging is not harmful for me, and my content is always informative which means I am not harming anyone. So what should I wait to start a blog.

As a blogger I learn a lot of things. I also start to read books more than before. I even more into positive mind rather than negative mind when deciding anyone behavior on me. And still a lot of benefit to be a blogger. So how about you guys? What is your passion? What makes you motivated everyday?

I am a stay-at-home mom and I have one little cute daughter that will always hanging on me because I carry her food everywhere I go. As a stay-at-home mom I got plenty of time I can spend with my baby in home without limit and this is one of the reasons why I chose to breastfeed my daughter instead of using formula.

Choosing to breastfeed my daughter, it bring me to things I never expected before. First of all my daughter born in the US and I live only with my husband in the apartment, we have no family just friends close by, so having help is a rare thing I get because my husband will be working full time and going home after 6pm. Almost everything I do by my own and I am also breastfeed my baby directly without pump. I did pumping but it just for several weeks until my daughter refuse the bottle and just wanna have my breast all the way. Because of these all I have 7 unpredictable things I learn in my breastfeeding journey that I want you to know so then you have some base to breastfeed your lovely babies.

1. I almost frustrated in the first hours after gave birth because of  breastfeeding

In the first hours after gave birth nurse will give the baby and put on our breast so then the baby will choose her/his way to reach the milk for the first time in their lives. I was too scared to move my baby because her neck just so weak, I never touch newborn before because I’m scared the baby will break in my hand (LOL). After first try she can’t do it and the nurse bring her back into babies room and they bring me into staying room. Then again they give me the baby but this time I hold my baby and try to latch on my breast directly and again failed. I was so afraid my baby couldn’t get any nutrient in her first hours. So I decided to give her formula, I was so sad that time and I almost wanna stop trying to breastfeed and just give the formula. Then again the third time nurse brought the baby to me and try again to latch, magically she latch on me and I can feel the latch for the first time. I was so happy like anything. I feel I am her mom completely. I and the baby need to practice this new experience and it is not instant.

2. Breastmilk-pump is so painful when you don’t know how to use it

In the hospital they gave me a breastmilk-pump machine and I can use whenever I want. This machine is for public use, so every mom that try to breastfeed have been using it before. The nurse was just explained me how to put the cup on and turn the machine on/off. I never known the setting for weak and strong pumping ever. I didn’t do any research too for this product because I thought I won’t need this.

When I pump for the first time I feel so pain on my breast because the pump in the highest setting ever. So the suction is too much I felt like my nipple gonna break. I tried to make the suction low but it wasn’t working, then I knew the knob is loose. I must had ask that to the nurse but I always forget whenever they come to my room.

3. Breastfeeding hurt my back in the beginning of practice

I have only nurse who help me figured out how to breastfeeding a baby since I have no one in the US to teach me in home. So when I back from hospital and everything seem so hard to do. I couldn’t do the laying side style to breastfeeding my baby until she was around 6 months old so I should sit on my bed and leaning to the wall. In the first 5 minutes there is nothing I feel but then my shoulder starting to hurt and my back too. I saw a product name breastfriend pillow and a lot of mamma use this.

It worked well just a week for me, after that I never used it again because it require me to snap on/off the pillow and I just lazy to that in the midnight feeding. So I sold it out. The Regular pillow helped me more.

4. The leaking is real y’all

I never taken this confession is real but yes it is. I was standing behind my window to get sun shade and sunbath my baby because she has jaundice which can heal faster if we sunbath her at least under sun shade. Just because I stand up and wore no bra the milk was leaking like tap water. My dress was like I spilled a cup of water and it was dripping to my feet too, so all over my body from breast to toe is wet of my milk (LOL). Since then I bought breast pad.

5. Breast feel hard and full every morning

The milk is keep producing while we are sleeping, so in the morning it’s all collected and making it hard and pain. I have to nurse her before I started the day or it will be like stone-hard and causing even more pain. If I get the hardness in my breast I will massage it clockwise using oil or when I take a shower, the hardness can decrease and the pain also relieve.

6. I thought I’m gonna lose weight while breastfeeding

The truth is NO! I’m gaining even more than my before pregnancy weight. Breastfeeding makes me hungry, maybe because my body need calorie to produce the milk. At the end of the day I never regret gaining weight cause I can workout later to lose the weight but the chance to give my baby the best nutrient from breastmilk will not come twice.

7. I have to deal with time

I was rely on pump for the first couple of weeks until my daughter refuse to use bottle, no pumping after that, she just wanna have milk directly from my breast. This made me stuck at least for an hour on the bed and can’t do anything until she is done and sleep. I have no one to watch her if I wanna do something and she still awake, so want or not I have to make sure sleep before I do my stuff.

These are my experiences that I never expected to be happened. I wish I was having my mom to help me so I have someone to guide me to take care of my baby and I can take my time to do my stuff too. If you are planning to have breastmilk instead of formula, I suggest you to be more patient. Both you and the baby need to learn how to do this kind of thing. Don’t think that once the baby out then she/he can latch directly. It needs some practice. So are you ready for breastfeeding your cute little baby?