Face scrub is good to exfoliate our skin and make the skin smoother. In the market there are lots of face scrubs products from the high prices to the low price, for me I prefer more to the lower price as long as it works. Here are the cheap face scrubs that actually works.

face scrub from equate beauty medicated apricot cleanser 

First thing first, this product can be misleading for some people because they use “cleanser” word instead of “face scrub”. This product totally just for face scrub means you can’t use it for daily. By the way, Equate beauty apricot face scrub is one of my favorite commercial face scrubs because from the price wise it is so cheap for a big packaging like this, and because it’s just for scrubbing your face you should not use it every day. Use this once a week with a penny size amount onto your hand then scrub your wet face gently. And because we just use it once a week, it lasts forever. I got this for $1.97.

It has big sand in it, and I don’t think for people with sensitive or dry skin will be good for using this product. For my skin, it does work since I have quite rough skin type (LOL). I really feel it works because I scrub it around my lips which is the worst area of whitehead and it is so bumpy there. After I scrubbed with this, the area around my lips and chip become so smooth and I never have that smooth before. So happy! 

Equate beauty apricot cleanser also has salicylic acid in it which helps to fight acne and oily skin. Wow isn’t it? The first time I got this from Walmart I felt like I hit the jackpot. It is cheap and works. What else you need, if you got those two!  If you know about St. Ives apricot face scrub, this product is a dupe of that.

face scrub from Clarisea Sea salt solution

The second face scrub I really like too is from clariSEA sea salt solution. I got this free from the serum I purchased. I like it so much, not only because I got it free but because it works. I ever tried salt face scrub before, and it melted even before I apply to my face, but this one is a holy grail product. We just need to use it in penny amount and scrub it all over the face. For some people who have active acne or sensitive skin, I don’t recommend you to use this product, because it is literary salt which can be painful if it touches an open wound, even after I scrub my skin that has no wound or active acne I still feel the stinging sensation (but I don’t mind with that).

Deep Pore Detox Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Mask

The texture of is not as big as equate beauty apricot cleanser, it just like a fine salt. The direction tells that use this together with the face wash, so my way is I use the face wash first and without cleaning the face wash I apply this face scrub and scrub all over my face till my neck then wash all.

The last but not least is that the clariSEA sea salt solution is cruelty-free which is the best. Hopefully one day everything in this world will be cruelty-free.

Alright, those two are my champion till now. How about you guys? Do you have any recommendation for a face scrub that wants me to try? Let me know in the comment below. xoxo

Yogurt is made of milk that has been cured. The benefits from yogurt are a lot, it is good for the inside and outside of our body. One of the outside benefits is it can be used as a face mask. Here are 4 yogurt mask you need to try.

Yogurt and cinnamon face mask

Cinnamon is good for blood circulation, which means it can make your face plumper and fresher because it brings more oxygen to your skin. Yogurt can help to reduce the heat feeling that caused by the cinnamon and plus it is moisturizing.

Take 1tbs yogurt into a small bowl and add a dash of cinnamon powder, then mix. Before you apply it onto your skin, make sure to wash your skin first with face wash or even just with a washcloth. Apply the mask to all over your face and leave it for about 30 minutes. After that clean the mask and use moisturizer and other skin care product you usually use.

Turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory property which can reduce the redness and the bumpiness from acne. Turmeric also well-known of antiseptic that can clean that nasty bacteria on your acne. The yogurt is helping the turmeric to become like a paste and also help to moisturize the skin. In India, there is a tradition that the bride has to bath in turmeric water to be a sacred person in the wedding ceremony. So turmeric is a win solution for inside and outside our body. To make this mask you will need 2 tsp yogurt and 1 tsp turmeric, mix them all and apply to your skin. Leave it for about 30 minutes and wash it without face wash. Apply moisturizer after you wash your face.

Yogurt and honey face mask

I use this mask, especially in winter time. In winter my skin is getting so dry and tight till it’s hard to talk, and sometimes it is so itchy too. The yogurt and honey face mask helping my face to get the elasticity and also honey can fight acne too. To make this mask you will need 1 tsp yogurt and 1 tsp honey then mix them all. Apply it onto the skin and leave it for about 30 minutes then wash with warm water. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after.

yogurt and banana face mask

From my experience yogurt and banana face mask makes my skin brighter. The banana also helps reduce the redness on the skin.

Those are the 4 yogurt face mask you need to try. Do you like to use it for face mask? Let me know in the comment below.

There are lots of products in the market that offers you the best about pore strip. Some of them simply using glue over the paper and sell it with the unreasonable price. Fortunately, we can still DIY our own pore strip at home as easy as flipping our hand. The key to this DIY is gelatine. Yes, gelatine!. Here I share you how to make pore strip at home by using gelatine.

Get the gelatine


As my experience, the gelatine that works best is the unflavoured one. I have tried the one that has flavored but it was going to be like a pudding on my face instead of pore strip, it may be because of the sugar in it. Take one of the packages and put into a small bowl along with 1 tbs milk or until the gelatine dissolve. Please be careful when you put the milk in because if it is too much the gelatine will not work as a pore strip (I’ve been there). If you don’t have milk you can always use water, as long as the gelatine becomes like a thin paste.


Put in the microwave

After you mixed the gelatine and milk, put the mixture in the microwave for 10 to 15 second (depend on your microwave). The gelatine should be just melted not boiled. Mix again until it becomes a thin paste and somewhat warm (not too hot to apply to the skin).

Apply to the skin

Apply to the skin which you think has so much blackhead and whitehead but for me, I like to apply all over my face. I apply it by using a small spoon because if I use a brush the gelatine will be wasted on the brush and if I apply by using my bare hand it will be like sticky on my finger (which I don’t like), so small spoon is the best for me, plus it easier to clean after. Apply a somewhat thick layer so it will be easier to peel off. Leave the gelatine mask on your skin for about 30 minutes to an hour or until it dries and peel it.

time to peel off

After about 30 minutes my mask dried up and I can peel it easily. I peel it from the bottom up.

And here is the result

I do this gelatine mask 2 times a month, so I think it is enough to collect all the gunk on my oily skin. I don’t recommend this gelatine mask if you have sensitive or dry skin because it can make your skin even dryer. After using this mask I feel my face as smooth as baby skin again (before is like a hedgehog).

Alright, guys, that’s one of my weapons to make those blackhead and whitehead gone from my face. This pore strip is easy and affordable to use. The really hard thing is collecting the motivation to do it (lazy girl related). How about you guys, do you prefer to make your own pore strip or you rather buy the commercial one? Or do you have your own recipe for your pore strip? Please let me know in the comment below. xoxo

Skin care for acne prone skin like mine is so crucial. I have to take care of my skin seriously and choose the right product for my skin so that my skin won’t break out since it is so easy to have one. So here are my 6 steps everyday skincare routine. 

Step 1 – Oil Cleanser

For some people, they will use the fancy oil cleanser for removing their makeup or just to clean their face before face wash, for me I don’t need the fancy one, as long as it works then it will be my holy grail product. I’m using the most gentle oil cleanser in the world which is baby oil. I use from Johnson’s brand, but it doesn’t matter whichever the brand as long as – again, it works.

Pour some amount on to your hand and apply it to your skin with a circular motion around 5 minutes or until your makeup off. This baby oil is also great for removing waterproof mascara. After that wipe with wet paper towel. Remember wet paper towel, because if you use dry paper towel your skin will be hurt or just regular towel but wet. For this big bottle of baby oil, I only paid for around $4 in Walmart  , and it lasts for a very long time.

Step 2 – Face wash

After I removed my makeup by using the baby oil, I will wipe my face using a wet paper towel, and then I wash my face using face wash. The face wash I use is from Equate beauty, this product looks like Neutrogena oil-free face wash, but the price is way lower. This product I got from Walmart for around $4. This face wash contains salicylic acid which is great for acne prone skin as an acne treatment. 

Step 3 – Toner

I use the toner after I wash my face with face wash. The way I apply it is after I wiped all the water from my face. I made my own face toner because until now I can’t find the right one for me, most of the toner I tried they will make my skin dry and make my pores even more visible. This DIY face toner is a mix of apple cider vinegar and water. Nothing fancy just mixes them all and shake it before use. Apply on to your face by using a cotton pad. Make sure the apple cider vinegar still has “the mother” in it.

Step 4 – Serum

I found that my skin will be even smoother if I apply the serum. I bought it from Ipsy because I got a discount. The price was around $16 and because of the discount, I got it for around $7.  It is Clarisea Radical Rosehip. I like this serum because it has the scent of grapeseed after I read the ingredients, it does have 100% grapeseed oil in it. So, this product is not fake. I feel my face is so smooth and brighter after I use this. I don’t know it just my feeling or it actually does. Well, I feel good using this product.

Step 5 – moisturizer

The next step is using a moisturizer, I got from Cetaphil here. I have been using this brand from long back until now. It just good on my skin, no breakout until now, and also because I live in Hackensack which is a cold place, moisturizer is a must. Never ever skip moisturizer even you have an oily skin type. The oily skin is because the skin is lacking moisture, that’s why they produce more oil to moisturize the skin itself.

step 6 – Medication

The last steps actually not for everyday routine but when I need I will do it like a week straight. This product actually is a 10% benzoyl peroxide. I bought the CVS brand because it is cheap and the percentage of benzoyl peroxide is quite high. I only use this product when I get pimples which is once a month, after that I will not use it again. This product can also make the skin super dry and itchy if we apply too much ( like what I did ), so be careful.

Those are my 6 steps everyday skincare routine. I have to do all those steps to prevent my face from getting acne which I don’t want anymore. How about you guys? Do you have the same routine as me? Let me know in the comment below. xoxo

Hi guys, so the last two weeks I was having a breakout on my skin that burden me so much because it has been so long I never had any pimples again, even if it comes it will be just one single pimple on my forehead or so.

I looked into the almighty google and found this product where people are talking about which is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask. I ordered from Walmart for around US$ 8.99 it is cheaper than the Amazon prize.

Most of the people that have been using this product swear by it. I decided to give it a try. So here is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask review, hope you enjoy!


The packaging made from plastic and it is like a pot-kind-of-shape. The first time I open the pot it was so dusty, I thought it has something like foil cover on it but nothing, so when you open the cap it will be the clay directly. For people who careless like me, you have to be careful when you open this product for the first time.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing, 1 Pound(click this to buy)
At the back side of the product, it shows us the direction and some other words as usual as a commercial product would have. I am the person who likes to read the words behind any product because for me it is interesting to read. It says that our face will feel like pulsing when we use this mask, and it is true maybe because of when the mask dries it will be so tight on our skin so then we can feel the pulse that is going underneath the skin.


The application will be as easy as other masks obviously but it has one requirement that seems to be important, it says that we have to use a non-metal utensil for this clay mask. I don’t know why like that so I just use my glass bowl and plastic spoon as you always see in most of my face mask video. 

This mask allows us to use either water and/or apple cider vinegar to mix with the clay, so I use my apple cider vinegar instead of water just to know how well it works. It says to leave the mask for 10 – 15 minutes if you have sensitive skin and 15 – 20 minutes if you have normal to oily skin because my skin is normal and oily so I leave it for 20 minutes. I took around one spoon of the clay and mix with two caps (the cap from acv bottle) of apple cider vinegar and then apply to my face evenly. By using the spoon that I have applying such a thick mask is so easy than using a brush or hand. So maybe that’s my tip for you guys if you wanna apply a face mask.

After 20 minutes….

After 20 minutes the mask getting drier and tighter. It is even cracking here and there. According to the direction, we should wash the mask by using warm water, but I’m not a fan of warm water for my face, so I just use normal water that slightly warm (like 10% warmth LOL). Also here is my another tip, wash the mask under the shower. The first time I use this mask I washed my face on the sink and it got messy all around my sink, so the next time I used this I wash it under the shower or another thing you can do is wash with a wet washcloth, it won’t get messy too.

Final thought

 After I washed my face, I saw some redness around my lips and my forehead, but it was not a big deal. There was no pain at all on that redness. I don’t know can you guys see or not in these pictures but the redness is so visible in real life.



So until now I have been using this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask, for four times, from what I see, my pimples are drier than before, and my pores look cleaner than before. I hope those changes are because of this mask (at least). I saw so many people over the internet get some more significant result than me, but I think my skin needs more times to get the significant result. So, here is my video when I use this mask.

And that is all about Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Review. Hopefully, you enjoyed and thank you for visiting my blog. xoxo

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I review a product. So here we go, one of the products that I got from my Ipsy July Glam bag, a face mask sheet from the secret key nature recipe in honey. To be honest, I never use face mask sheet before just because I don’t have the interest to try them on, but now I have it from my subscription so why not right. So here are my review | Face Mask from Secret Key.

An Easy Way to have skin care when you travel

I know when we are traveling somewhere there is no way we remember to think about beauty regime like masking our skin, all the thing we need to is just enjoying the holiday under the sun with the loved one, but with this face mask you still can do your skin care in 15 to 30 minutes while you enjoying your journey in the plane.

the application is easy

 As I said before the package is simple and easy to go, so does it with the application. They put way to do it at the back of the package, in case for some people they don’t know how to use it. The mask has a soft scent which I like and it is so refreshing.

The size was right for my big face

As you can see the mask sheet was covered all over my face even my face is big, but I don’t like those part where I think it supposed to cover my eyes. It was just awkward. That part wasn’t cover my eyes nor hanging there wasn’t very useful. So I think if the just put that part over the nose area will be great. Well, you see my nose didn’t get any of it.

This face mask makes me think to have another face mask sheet later on. Ipsy sent me 2 of them but another one is used before I took pictures. The conclusion is I like this product. I saw on Amazon the price for this mask is around $7. I still looking for the real price because I search in ipsy even they don’t have.

I think that’s all my review | Face Mask from Secret Key. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. Thank you for visiting my blog. By the way, do you like to use face mask sheet too? Which brand do you usually have? Tell me in the comment below. Bye xoxo

My childhood memories were full of “how to get rid of acne” sentences. I have a lot of acne growing up. That makes me feel insecure to meet people especially new one who never known me before. One of the ways I tried and seems have a result for my face is egg face mask. After I used this mask my face feels tighter and smoother. When you have acne your face mostly will feel like full of bumps, and I can definitely feel those bumps gone after I used this egg mask. So here is the way I do my egg face mask.



What you need to do:

– Wash your face (as you usually do)

– Wipe your face with a warm towel (you can leave the warm towel on your face for five minutes to mimic the steamer)

– Separate the white egg and the yolk, chill the yolk in the fridge we will use this again

– Apply the white egg to your face and wait until dry

– Wash your face with warm water

– Apply the chilled yolk to your face and wait until it dries up

– Wash with normal or cold water 

– Apply moisturizer



The egg face mask is easy to do. Commonly we always have the egg ready in our fridge. We just need to pop it in the small bowl and voila you have a nice egg face mask, the easy and natural beauty secret. This mask is natural there is no preservative nor alcohol which can be dried up your skin instead of repair the skin.

Here is my video so you can watch how I did it. Hope you enjoyed!

Some of us must be having trouble with our skin, especially on our face. Every day we use makeup, we go outside, we took a lot of residues from the product we use until the dust that sticks to our face, because of that, our face deserve to have some cares. One of the skin care I like to have every week is scrubbing. This time I’m gonna share you my sugar and honey scrub. One of the benefits of sugar and honey scrub for your glowing face, it is natural and you have it in your kitchen.

Here how we do this:

  • First, wash your face with warm water
  • Prepare sugar and honey in the small bowl (1 tbsp sugar – 1 tbsp honey)
  • Mix the ingredients
  • Scrub your face GENTLY with the sugar and honey scrub, you can also scrub your lips to make it smooth and plump
  • After 1 minutes of scrubbing wash your face with cold water
  • Apply moisturizer of yours

Skincare is used for making our skin healthier. Some people might have sensitive skin but some might have strong skin to be scrubbed even harder. So make sure you do not overdo whatever it is. Here is my video about sugar and honey face scrub you might like to watch.

Hopefully, this skin care routine of mine is helpful for you guys. Just remember do not overdo it, because it can irritate your skin. We want to make our skin glow and healthy not suffered. By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. xoxo

So because I run out of my face wash then I was looking for new one. I was searching for so many product that has no perfume or things like that in it which can dry out my skin and leave me tight feeling on my face just like my old facial wash did.

After searching and browsing I decided to try face wash from The Body Shop Aloe Calming Foaming Wash. In the packaging this face wash is fragrance-free, colorant-free, preservative-free and alcohol-free.

My skin type was so oily and because of that I tried lots of product to decrease the oil on my skin and now it become so dry even flaky and wrinkly in some areas like between my eyebrows. This is why I need gentle face wash that will not scrape off my skin natural oil and makes my skin even drier.

The product is in liquid form but when I pump it out it will transform into foam. Honestly this is my first time using foaming face wash like this one. I was confuse in the beginning because how can it clean my face with this foam. I tried once and failed because I spread into my palm first like regular face wash and when I put onto my face the lather just gone. I was like “whaat?!”. I tried again the second time and I put onto my face directly after I pump without spreading on my palm and it works that way. I was laughing because I was so scared this thing is not worth it.



My problem with face wash is some of them are drying my face afterward, makes my skin feel so tight like anything and also I really easy to get breakout from face wash even it just a facial wash and will not stay for long time on my skin but I could get breakout and when I got breakout it will take months to get better.

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Foaming Wash is not making my skin as tight as before but I still feel some dryness after I washed my face. I think if I use moisturizer this dry-feeling will not be a big issue. 


  • Alcohol free
  • The foam makes it last long in one pump
  • Affordable (I got it for around $13 for 5 oz)


  • I still can feel dryness on my face
  • I can’t get the travel size because I travel a lot and transferring product to new bottle just not my passion

I think for the next I want to try another face wash from the body shop like the tree tea oil one or maybe will try cetaphil cleanser but for now I will use this face wash and see the different on my skin.

So how about you gangs? Do you have same skin problem like I have?

Growing up as an active girl who has a lot of activities in a day made me forget to take care of my skin. I rarely wash my face and directly went to bed once I get home, because I was thinking I will do it tomorrow when I take a shower. I never know what is moisturizer, cleanser, toner and all those things related to skin care. I was just a tomboy girl who likes to play drum and do acting on the stage. 

My surrounding begun to put an image that I am a girl with acne, and it hurts me because I never want this thing happen in my life. I remember one of my classmate shout on my face and telling “you are ugly! see how many islands you have on your face”. It shocked me and I can’t forget about it until now.

When I was in senior high school my acne was the worst ever. I was having a boiled-shrimp-skin-like. My face was just red and plum like after sauna and also oily nay big pores. I felt so embarrassed with my face. My confident so low but I try to make the condition like nothing happen, yet inside me I was broken. 

One day I met a lady who claim her self as a beautician. She come to me and ask me to come to her salon and get the treatment for my face. Without further do I said yes and I came to her salon in the next couple days. There she was giving me some kind of treatment for my acne from scrubbing, poking my acne with something like vacuum for acne and blackhead. Honestly I never done things like this before. My face was still virgin, no one ever touch it accept me. So the treatment true or not I had no idea.

After couple of days I realize something wrong happen to my face. The acne become even more than before. I was so panic when I knew the acne come until my neck which I didn’t have before. I was freak out. I did a big mistake not once but twice. My low knowledge bring me back to that lady and ask her why my skin getting worse than before, and she was easily said “it’s normal, your acne was just all out, after this you will get nice skin”. I don’t know why that time I was believing her and go through the second treatment with her. I was crying when she popped out my acne with that vacuum machine because it hurts so bad.

After I got the second treatment from her and she said my skin gonna be fine after that, I didn’t see any improvement. I was stop hoping and was thinking “okay, maybe this is my destiny to have such an ugly face as people always told me”.

After so long break with my hope to get better skin, I decided to have another chance but this time I would use natural way straight from the plant. Surprise.. surprise.. It works. So here how I clean my acne naturally.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel

I used aloe vera gel which I scrap off from the leaf and I put onto my face almost everyday. 30 minutes in the afternoon before I take afternoon shower. Sometime I didn’t have passion to scrap it and put in a bowl and I would just cur the edges and scrub the gel onto my face directly and leave it around 30 minutes. It made my acne calm and the dry skin around the acne not so patchy.

2. Cucumber Puree

I used cucumber puree almost every night and rinse off after 30 minutes, once I rinse them off, Omg! What a nice face I have. The skin so bright and hydrated,smooth, it just perfect. I just want to touch it always but I keep my finger away cause I don’t wanna break the cake. LOL



3. Egg mask

Some people will only use the egg white for mask, but I used both of them. I used the egg white as mask and wait until it dried and I rinse it off then I put the egg yolk as mask right after. Wait until the yolk dry too around 30 minutes. You tell me after you try this one. I used this mask not in everyday basis, just once a week because this mask need more time and I have patient.

4. Cinnamon Powder

I used this mask after I notice my acne gone and just the scar left behind. I never used this when I have acne. I used 1 tbs cinnamon powder and diluted with rose water until I get like-paste consistency then I put onto my face and wait around 30 minutes or until dry and rinse off. I used it only once a week. Cinnamon makes your face heat so if you feel not sure don’t ever try. I use this for treating the scars from acne. Here I have a video for cinnamon mask. Check it out!



5. Lime Juice

I read lots of article said lemon or lime juice can threaten acne and make it gone. So I tried this. I notice something with this. My acne was reduce little bit but it made my skin more oily and my pores bigger also my skin becoming dry around my cheek and forehead. My skin also become flaky. So whether this work or not i think it has side effect when it worked. So i never used this method again.

You need to remember, these are all will not be working if you don’t wash your face before you sleep. Now my skin has no acne anymore because I keep the routine to wash my face before I sleep even I am so lazy or sleepy cause I don’t wanna go back to the time where people mocked me because my acne.

For you who still fighting with acne there will be the way to conquer this annoying thing. As long as you keep trying and optimistic with your hope. I can have my better skin now even the dip scars still there but at lease I have no acne on my face anymore. One more tips from me before I end this post, Never ever poke or pop the acne by your bare fingers, because you will have dip scars like I have and to make this scar gone is not as simple as making the acne gone. So be patient and keep in the right path when you did it, it’s all worth it.