In this post, I want to share one of my tricks when I want to have long-lasting makeup. Yup, some of you must have known that by using the face primer, setting spray, etc can hold makeup for a longer period of time. L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer is one of face primer products which is affordable and can make my face appear smoother.

I have large pores, So I need something to fill it in. One of the ways is to use a face primer. For you who never tried this product yet, stay tuned, cause this is L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer review. Let’s get started!

1. Packaging

The packaging is common to some other beauty products, it is using the thick glass jar that small enough to bring to travel. But because the packaging is using a jar, it needs the lid. The lid is not so practical because you need to turn it in and out that takes time. So when you run of time you will have a chance to leave it open on your desk. Also, it needs us to take it by using a finger, so for you who are germ phobic, it will be a problem. 😀

2. Texture

When the product still in the jar, the consistency is more creamy-like texture but after I applied it to my face it becomes more powdery and makes my face look and feel smoother. This primer has a pinkish color that will turn white on the skin.

3. Covering

My face is not as smooth as porcelain, so I still have the texture from the pitted scars but it can be faded away by using this primer. As you can see the difference with and without L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer 

After I applied my foundation I went out and use my motorcycle under the hot sun, not for long, just about 30 minutes. When I got home I saw the makeup has blended with my face natural oil and made my face glowy but not greasy.

4. Final Thought of L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer

For me, this primer is good for you who want to have around 4 to 5 hours makeup without a touch-up.

Pros: It can make our skin looks smoother, the price is affordable, can hold my makeup around 4 hours without touch-up (depend on the weather too).

Cons: The jar lid is not so practical, some people will not buy this because it can be contaminated with the germ.

How about you guys, would you give L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer a try?

This L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer review is not sponsored and my completely honest review. Thank you for coming by. See you

Nowadays eyebrow makeup is crucial. Everyone wants to look best in public. Eyebrow makeup can instantly change the look of your face. These days a lot of brands and type of eyebrow makeup in the market you can easily choose whatever you want.

In this post, I am going to tell you my experience when I use this type of eyebrow makeup. This is Maybelline fashion brow. I bought it for IDR 110.000 or around $9. It is small and compact for beginner and you can easily bring this everywhere. It comes with a small brush which I lost because it was too small for my gigantic finger. I use my own brush to fill my eyebrow.


I was happy when I know this product has three different colors and textures. For the eyebrow, it feels kind of waxy but not too oily and the other two has powder-like texture. For me the lightest shade still ambiguous to use because the color just not shows up at all, it just same like when we use translucent powder, so I am just using the two shades for filling my eyebrow. I don’t know about you but I kinda like this product because it matches my eyebrow shade.


  • The product is small and compact
  • Come in palette that has 3 shades in it
  • Easy to carry when we are traveling
  • Easy to apply 


  • The brush that comes with this product is small
  • Start to fade in 4 hours

S of that is my review for Maybelline Fashion Brow. It’s good for beginner to try new kind of eyebrow makeup. For me, this product is recommended, and for you who like to travel the size is compact and you no need to bring many things in your bag just to feel your eyebrow. Are you having the same thought as me? Let me know in the comment section below, If you wanna read more post like this please hit the subscribe button. Thank you.