The use of oil for hair treatment is not a secret. Everyone knows it. In my family, we used to use coconut oil and aloe vera juice for the hair masks. Now I married to my husband and he is an Indian. Well as we all know Indian they use even more oil for their hair, not only for treatment but also for daily basis.

One day my husband bought a bottle of hair oil from an Indian grocery store near to our home. The first time I saw this hair oil I was so skeptical because it has been in the packaging and must be added some kind of preservative and so on, but until now I didn’t find the word “paraben” or “alcohol” or other kinds that indicate chemical to preserve the shelf date. So here what I get from this hair oil.



In Indonesia the fruit amla we call it cermai, we only use this fruit for munching but in India, they use it for everything, from food to hair oil. I was so surprised how do they extract the oil from this fruit. Amla is not a big fruit, the size is around the same as cherry or smaller like blueberry.


the brand named Patanjali

Patanjali is a brand from Baba Ramdev. He is a guru as well as a yogi from India. I adore him so much. He such a great example of a human being. I wish I could come to his workshop one day.  So his brand all about ayurvedic and helping people to get a product at an affordable price.

As this hair oil is from Patanjali and I just trust it. I always believe in nature for treatment and remedy before I come to the doctor. 


Greasy hair no more

In the packaging, it claims to strengthen the root, prevent hair fall, prevent grey hair, and prevent the split ends. From all of the claims, I still don’t know it is true or not, because my root is not weak, my hair fall is not much, I have some grey hair but only one here and there, and I don’t have split ends. So if I say the claim is true, I don’t experience it yet. But, the most thing that I see so differently is my hair not greasy anymore. 

I used to have greasy hair and it will be flat, thanks to my oily face that spreading the oil to my hair roots. After I use this oil my hair can stand 2 days without washing and still have some volume in it. I was thinking something change to my hair, and then I realize this happened after I applying Patanjali kesh kanti amla hair oil regularly. 



The first time I smell the oil it was so strong. I almost smell it more like strong sulfur, it’s kind of like pee but not so smelly, I don’t even know how to explain it. 

After the hair washed and dried, the strong smell before becomes lighter and fresher, I don’t know how to describe the kind of fresh it is but it is so fresh. I feel like I wanna smell it all day long.

The fresh smell can last for so long, for me, it lasts around 3 days just because I will reapply the oil to my hair and wash my hair again. I wish I knew this Patanjali kesh kanti amla hair oil from long ago. I really love the smell of it. It is fresh yet relaxing.


How to apply Patanjali kesh kanti amla hair oil

Well, to apply the amla oil is not hard but you need to be fast, because Patanjali kesh kanti amla hair oil is kind of like liquidy, so sometimes it can drip to your forehead. But because the texture of the oil is liquidy, so it’s quickly absorbed by the hair. 

To make the applying process easier, faster and not wasting any of the oil here how I do it. First I segment my hair my using comb to make the oil reaches my scalp easier.

And then I pour a small amount of the oil as fast so it won’t be too much.

After that, I massage my scalp, so then the oil can penetrate even more to my hair roots.

And keep repeating the process until all of the hair and scalp is covered in oil like a mask.

After all the applying process is done, the next step is to let the oil absorbed into the hair. I let it still overnight, and then I wash my hair the next morning. But if you can’t leave it overnight, leave it thirty minutes before you wash your hair. If that too is impossible you can apply the oil even whenever you want, not as a hair mask but as a hair perfume.

I also apply a small amount on my hair after I wash it to calm down my hair so it will not be frizzy.


Taking care of ourselves is easy and affordable actually if we are always grateful for what we have. Hopefully, this post helps you to find a new natural product that is affordable and relaxing like Patanjali kesh kanti amla hair oil.

How about you guys, do you like to use hair oil? What oil do you regularly use? I like to try other kinds of hair oil that is natural and affordable.


To be honest, my hair never touched something like a straightener or curling iron. The most complicated thing I do to my hair is going to the salon to get a hair cut, even it was like five years ago. Other than that I will do all things by my self. I never use iron for my hair just because I’m afraid it will damage my hair. So when I wanna have straight hair I will do it old way without the iron and if I want it to curl I will do as old ways too. In this post, I will show you one of curling the method I used to do, so then I no need a curling iron anymore, the key of this method is we do it overnight. So when we wake up, the hair is ready to go. So here is how to have beach wave without a curling iron. Let’s get started!

Hair ties


You will need two hair ties because I make the traditional braid which is just the right and the left one. But if you wanna use another kind of braid it has no problem. I just find this braid is easy and fast to do. I use the small hair ties for this. I bought it in Dollar Tree if you curious (LOL) 

Work on Damp Hair

Work on Damp Hair

I always do the braid with a damp hair, if you just shampoo your hair wait until it becomes damp, not too wet. When the hair is too wet, it will lead your hair to be weak and fragile later on, at least for fine hair like mine. If you work when the hair dry, the wave won’t be that visible. So damp hair is the best way to achieve beach wave style.

divide the hair into two section

Divide the Hair Into Two Section

As I mentioned earlier I’m gonna do the traditional braid, so we need to section our hair into two, left and right. We don’t need to be so neat, just use our finger to get the line. But if you wanna have the straight line and so neat you can always use a comb.

Braid to get the beach wave

Braid to Get The Beach Wave

I like to braid it tightly so when I sleep it won’t get messy and knot. Some of my hair will be free from the braid because I have layer hair cut. There’s no need to be tidy here. We’re gonna sleep tho. As long as the braid is tight, we’re good to go.

Braided Hair

And now you can sleep happily till morning.

Beach Wave is Ready


After you open the braid don’t comb or brush it unless you want it like a lion hair. I just finger-comb it lightly. If you want it to last whole day just spray some hairspray as needed, but for my hair, this beach wave stays on for a whole day without additional product.

And that’s How to Have Beach Wave Without a Curling Iron, it’s simple and easy to do, the hardest things you need to have are the hair ties and motivation to do this (LOL). How about you guys? Do you like this method or you rather use the curling iron? Let me know down below. xoxo

Everybody knows that coconut is super beneficial to our life. Every part of it can be so useful for anything. One of my favorites is the oil. Coconut oil is good for moisturizing our skin and scalp too. It can help the hair grow thicker and longer. I personally like to use a natural product for skin care rather than a commercial one, just because it has no harmful chemical in it and I know what I put on my body. And here are some benefits of coconut oil. 

it is a natural hair moisturizer

Coconut oil hair mask is the most common way to treat the dry hair. It can moisturize our scalp and hair and it makes the hair softer and because the scalp also gets moisturize by the coconut oil, you will not get such a dry scalp which can lead to dandruff. So when you feel your hair dry use coconut oil hair mask, natural way to treat your dry hair, and leave it for at least 1 hour and rinse it. 

it is a cheap leave in conditioner

Well, some other people they have super curly hair which will be puffed through the day, the way to prevent it to happen is by using coconut oil as the leave-in conditioner. When the hair gets some weight a.k.a the conditioner the curly hair won’t be puffed back into their flying free mode.

it is a helper from mother earth to make our scalp healthy

So what else this super thing can do? 

Here is my video on how to apply coconut oil as a hair mask. 


Thank you for visiting my blog. Hopefully, my blog can help. Do you have other ways to use this super thing? Please tell me in the comment section below. xoxoxo