In this era where Instagram is the most social media platform to use by people in the world, no wonder we want to put our best picture with the kiddos. But not all kids will stay put and do as our desire yet you should not be sad. They are kid, they don’t concern about their appearance on social media (like us). Here is how to take Instagram pictures with your kiddos even you are not a photographer.


Prepare for the distraction

Some kids they just can’t help it to sit down for a sec and see the camera, so what you need to do is a distraction to make them sit down or to make them in the position you want it, like running or jumping, etc.

Anindya sitting on the snow (Winter 2019)

Let them play on snow and you keep clicking the shutter button till you get the perfect shot. Some pictures will not be as good but that’s okay, you can always delete them and try again.


Keep taking the picture

As I mention above, keep taking the picture when your kid is doing something, you will get the best shot by the end of the day.  Try to call their name too and when they see the camera click the shutter button as much as you can. If you are taking the picture by using DSLR camera, it has multiple shutter in one click, some even have more than 11 pictures in a second.

Anindya’s 3rd birthday
(August 2019)

Practice makes perfect

The more you taking your kid picture the more they know how to pose, and the more you know the right angle and the right time to take their picture. I didn’t know how to take Instagram pictures long ago, but practice makes perfect.



Take candid picture

Be ready and take when the time is there, but the time never come. Your kid always away from camera when you call their name. Well the only solution is take their picture when they don’t know you took their pictures.


Have a camera

Some of us want the best for our kids and one of the things we can do to take the best picture is asking a pro photographer to take your kid picture with their high end camera gear and a strong cash in your wallet. But for me I chose to buy a DSLR and just learn by my self, cause kids they are growing so fast and I don’t want to miss a moment with them. So buying a camera is a must for me. These days DSLR camera is not costly anymore you can buy second hand one or even new one around $300 like canon rebel t6 or if you want the smaller one you can have mirror-less camera like canon m100


Please note that having camera is not the only way, you can have with you phone camera too, just the quality will be a lot different.


Be normal it is only Instagram

And yes mom and dad! Relax.. it’s only Instagram. Don’t be jealous if your friends have more gorgeous kid picture than yours, everyone has their own capability and choice. So relax and watch them grow naturally and happily. 


And that’s How to Take Instagram Pictures for Your Kiddos. Save as much as picture you could, cause they grow so fast. By no time you realize they become teen and only want to spend their time with their friends. The key is put the goal in your heart that those picture is for you and your kid memories, and famous in Instagram is just bonus. Don’t put pressure to your kid when you want to take their pictures, it is not a good idea to have a force smile. Taking picture of our kids suppose to be fun and enjoyment for memories when we get old.


How about you mom and dad, do you have other tips when you take your kids picture? Leave them in the comment bellow and let’s spread this fun. 

When I was still ipsy member, I ordered one of oil serum product which is from clariSEa. I got a discount because I joined ipsy. The oil serum price was around us$15 but because I got the discount I paid $7 only. Anyway, the package come and clariSEA sent me a bonus product which is ClariSEA Sea Salt Solution. They sent me in the trial size which is much enough for me to use it. ClariSEA Sea Salt Solution is a face scrub from sea salt and bamboo charcoal, and here is my ClariSEA Sea Salt Solution review.

The Ingredients

The very first time I receive this product I looked at the back of it. It said that the product is cruelty-free and vegan. When I see this kind of words I’m feeling like an angel. LOL. 


The ingredients are 100% natural and you can spell it. They are sea salt, mineral salt, sweet almond powder, activated bamboo charcoal powder. When you use or apply something for your self and you know what they are, you will feel no guilt about it. You all can read the ingredients without look twice or read it slowly right.

The Texture


The salt is very fine. I used to use salt from my kitchen and it is way different from this sea salt. I don’t know if they make it finer or it is the actual texture of sea salt, but the thing is it is so fine. The black color of it I assume is from the activated charcoal. It has no scent just like neutral. The fine texture doesn’t mean it is like all-purpose flour, but it still coarse enough to scrub our skin.

This scrub will make your skin feel some kind of sore maybe because of the salt. But it will be gone once you rinse it. Because of this sore-feeling, I didn’t use it until my hormonal acne gone. Now my skin is calmer, that’s why I can use it again. I can tell the difference after I scrub my skin using this, especially around my lips area. My skin around my lips was like a porcupine before, it was so rough. After I scrubbed with this product it was kind of strange because around my lips becomes smooth. LOL

How To Use It

At the back of this product said that the direction is to blend the exfoliant with your favorite skin cleanser, rub hands together to mix, adding water as needed, gently scrub onto the skin and rinse. The first time I use it I did as directed, but I feel it’s not that working for me so I do it my way. I wash my face first using the face wash and before I rinse the face wash I apply this sea salt on my face together with the foam. 


I don’t use it much, just enough to scrub my face, maybe like 1/4 of the cap. I always put the salt on the cap first before I apply it onto my skin to prevent the salt too much on my hand if I directly pour it onto my hand. I use it once a week but if my face is not in a good mood a.k.a acne-mode I don’t use it, because it will be so sore and I can’t handle it.

Final Thought

Well, there is a pro and cons about this product. The pros are this is natural, vegan and work on my skin without making my skin dry or making my skin breakout after using it. The cons are this product makes my skin feel sore even I don’t have open wound or acne even not that painful.

Alright, that’s all my ClariSEA Sea Salt Solution Review, I still love this product and maybe will purchase the full-size package later on. How about you guys? What face scrub do you like? Let me know in the comment below, maybe I can try the same face scrub as yours. xoxo

For some of us, eyeliner is a must whenever we go out. Generally, eyeliner will be black and it will be as dark as possible but sometimes we get bored with the black one and want to have other different colors. The problem is most of the makeup company will sell you one color for one eyeliner, which for some people it will be out of the budget. So here is one of makeup idea you can try that will help you to have so many colors for your eyeliner without breaking your wallet. The answer is to use eyeliner from eyeshadow and here is how to make eyeliner from eyeshadow (DIY makeup).

Choose the eyeshadow color

Eyeshadow of your choice

You can use whatever color you want, just make sure the eyeshadow is from powder or liquid one. I don’t recommend you to use cream shadow because it tends to be messed and not set. Here I’m using eyeshadow palette from Shany cosmetic     which is affordable and has so many colors in one palette.  You can use eyeshadow palette from     wet and wild     or other brands too.

Other things you’ll need

Water in The Spray Bottle

I use water in the spray bottle because I don’t have the setting spray. If you can get the setting spray you no need to use water. The setting spray will hold the eyeshadow even better, so there will be no smudge by the end of the day. Another thing you’ll need is a mixing plate. I got my mixing plate from elf.


If you don’t have something like that, you can simply use a small plate or something that has a flat surface. As long as it can be used for mixing the eyeshadow and water or the setting spray.


After you get all those things, we are ready to make our DIY eyeliner. The first thing you need to do is to make sure the mixing plate is free from other thing and clean. And then scrape some of the eyeshadow powder to the mixing plate.


I’m using eyebrow ruler to scrape my eyeshadow, but if you don’t have, the spoon will do the same as long as you don’t put too much pressure when you scrape it or it will be brake and mess. Scrape easily, you don’t need much of eyeshadow.

After you are happy with the amount of the eyeshadow on your mixing plate, time to spray the water to it.


Take some distance when you spray the water, so you can control how much water that comes into the eyeshadow. I didn’t put much, just like 3 sprays. Then, mix it until it becomes pasty.


When the mixture becomes pasty enough we can apply it on our eyelid. In case you put too much water, you can always add some more eyeshadow powder or translucent powder to thicken the paste, or simply throw some drops of the water and add little more eyeshadow.

Apply the DIY eyeliner


Apply a thin layer first before you go bold. We wanna try our creation slowly and when you sure it’s great, then you can add more layer and be even bolder. I’m using eyeliner brush that I bought long ago, so the brush is not that pretty anymore but it still does the job. 


Before you apply any makeup on your eyelid, I recommend you to use eye primer so then the makeup will not smudge or leave a mark on your crease or anything like that. For me, my eyelid is not that oily but still sometimes if I forget to use the primer, the eyeshadow or eyeliner will be smudge and leaving a mark in my crease.

Alright, that is all how to make eyeliner from eyeshadow (DIY makeup). If you have done this DIY please tag me in Instagram – Fadiah qisthina. Thank you. xoxo

Well since I married to Indian man who loves sweet very much, I ended up tasting some of Indian sweet too. Honestly I don’t really like sweet but because of him I started to have some favorites of sweet. So here is maysore pak, Indian snack you have to try as soon as you find Indian store wherever you are.

Maysore pak has some types

I just knew that maysore pak has some types which are the hard one and the soft one. The hard one looks like honeycomb and the soft one just like regular soft cake. In this post I’m gonna share you the soft one.

Soft Maysore Pak

For some people (including me) soft maysore pak is sweeter than the hard one, but both of them are full of ghee which is Indian clarify butter. This stuff is a good everyone. It has its own aroma which will call your mouth to eat it again and again.

Often found in Wedding Ceremony


Maysore pak often found in wedding ceremony as a gift to god and for entertain the guest who come to the wedding ceremony. It’s not only maysore pak but still other kind of sweet like ladoo, halwa and so on. By the time you realize you are already full by the sweet.

The taste

Soft Maysore Pak

Maysore pak made from sugar, ghee and gram flour. Because of that once you eat it, it will melt on you tongue and makes you say “hmmm”. Especially for you who has sweet tooth like my husband, this is like your gold. I’m sure you will like it.

There are a lot of sweet from India that endless. You will always find sweet everywhere and every time. Indian will never get bored to sweet dishes. I remember one day my husband came to Indonesia and the only thing he missed was the sweet. I serve him a lot of sweet dishes but there’s nothing close with his definition of sweet. After I knew the sweet he means is like this, I know now why he did’t get what he wanted.

How about you guys? Do you ever taste maysore pak? What do you think about it? Or do you have other kind of sweet? Let me know in the comment section below. xoxo

There are a lot of types of visa you can find all over the country. Every country has its own visa type. In this post, I’m gonna share you how I got one of visa that I have which is F2 visa. The F2 visa is a visa that used for the dependent of the F1 holder. the F1 is a student visa for the USA, so when the student wants her/his relative to come like the parents or spouse they can come by using F2 visa. This visa will be valid in five years. Here are the steps on how to make an F2 visa.

First Document to be prepared for F2 visa

The very first step I did was checking the US embassy website and see what is the requirement there. At first, I was so confused to choose which visa should I make because I know nothing about it. I came to one of the tourism agency in my town and they said they never handle the F2 visa. I was so afraid after that, in my mind was how can I get thru this, where no one helped me.


Then in the US embassy website, they have the option for F2 so I open it and just do step by step. Because I come for my husband so the proof is our marriage certificate. The first document I prepared was our marriage certificate. Then there is another problem. Our marriage certificate is in the Indonesian language not in English. I have to find the legal translator around my town which is none at that time. I have to go online here and there and I got it. Problem solved (but costly).

So the first document to be prepared is proof about you and the F1 holder. What your position with them is. If you have this make sure it is in English or translated into English, but keep in mind that the original document should be present when you are in the interview.


The F1’s copy of passport and visa


These documents are important, the interviewer will ask the F1′ passport and visa copy in the very beginning. Make sure the copy is A4 size for an individual page. Because the F1 holder is my husband so it will be my husband passport and visa copy.


some important letters from the college


When my husband accepted into the college, they sent him a letter telling about the acceptance into the college. That letter then I brought into the interview but only the copy. There’s another important letter that needs to be brought in and it should be the original one which is the I-20. This letter issued by the college itself. And this is so important because when we enter the US at the airport they will ask about I-20 and our passport.

I have a small incident in connection with my I-20. When I attended the interview, they ask me to show my I-20 and because we were talking and I was so excited too, I forgot my I-20. I leave it with the interviewer, I don’t know that we have to take it back. I thought they will just keep it as the other documents. I was so worried about it. Fortunately, they respond to my email and sent it back to me with my passport. If you’re having I-20 to show, please don’t forget to ask the interviewer about your I-20, just don’t leave it directly like what I did.

I was also bringing the copy of his college fee documents, his college ID card, and some other documents that supporting me to get the F2 visa.


Other Documents that can support us


I heard that his friend’s wife should show their bank account around $30,000 when she was being interviewed and also she was using an agency to help her get the F2. I was again confused because of this. Well from where I got that much money in my bank? So I decide to not have this document. I didn’t bring my bank account. Fortunately, they don’t even ask about it. Thank god.

Other documents that can support me that time was his driving license, apartment bill, bank statement as proof that he has a place for me to stay. But again, fortunately, they didn’t ask me about those things. Literary, I had to show my marriage certificate, his passport and visa copy, I-20 and the letter form college.


Get the appointment

After all those documents are completed, I login into the US embassy website and start the steps. 

Receipt Copy

First, print the receipt for paying the fee in the bank. Then the bank will give us the receipt copy. Don’t lose it, because when are in line the security will ask us to show this as proof. I paid $160 that time.

Second, fill the DS-160 form online in the US embassy website itself. Be careful when you fill it, don’t fill with lie tho (LOL). After you’re done fill the form, there will be the number for future login in case you wanna change before the appointment day.

Appointment F2
Appointment Letter

Third, schedule the appointment that suits you and prints the scheduled appointment.

Forth, come to the US embassy. I suggest you come 30 minutes before the scheduled time, so you don’t need to wait too long there. Be ready with some documents on your hand, because when you wait in line the security will check it. They will ask you to show the bank receipt, appointment letter, and 2″x2″ portrait of you.


Fifth, If you get accepted then you will need to wait for the visa to get back to you. I chose shipment method so I no need to go to the embassy again to take it.


After all those chaos of preparing the documents and the day that has been scheduled come. Keep relax, don’t be afraid. they will just ask you, they won’t eat you. Answer all of the questions with confidence and truth then it’s time for them to decide whether you can get or not the visa. If you get then you will be happy but if you can’t there is always next time.

Alright, that is How to make an F2 visa. If you guys now are in this stage I wish you good like. Don’t worry just be confident. Hope you get the visa. Let me know down below your story when you make any visa, do you have any case with the embassy? or everything going smooth?

One day you go to school and you forget to comb your hair, then your classmate mocked you like anything, you go home sad and feel miserable and you end up in depression. Well, it just one single example of what these days people are having. The feeling of being judged and not worth it made a lot of people lose even their life. Why does this happen? Here are 5 Reason Why You Become Miserable and How To Avoid It

Thinking too much of unnecessary thing

Thinking too much of unnecessary thing

Some of us just have too many times to think some unnecessary things. Things like which red lipstick should I use today? What if this rose red does not blend into the condition in my office? How about the red nude lipstick, oh no it’s too flat and bla.. bla.. bla..

Just for deciding things that actually has no effect in your friendship or even in your life instead, it will be taking your productive time and your good mood away. So how to avoid thinking too much of unnecessary thing? Earlier it will be hard, nothing is so easy in the beginning. Especially when you change your behavior but it doesn’t mean you can’t. Try to be simple. Remember sometimes less is more. We don’t need to be the best just to please other eyeballs. 

Feeling unsatisfied for everything

Feeling unsatisfied for everything

After you think too much then you will feel unsatisfied with whatever you’ve done. Some people feel unsatisfied because they can’t achieve as they expected. What do you need to do when you feel unsatisfied? First just stop thinking about it for a while. Take some break from it. When you have a break from this feeling you will be more grateful with whatever you have. More grateful so you won’t become miserable.

Social Media

Social media

Social media, if you take the positive vibe it will be good for you. Getting more and more ideas for your life but, if social media makes your life become miserable, why should you use it. Like you see your friend’s traveling picture and you were sad because you can’t be like that. Or you see your friend’s so popular and you just a regular person then you feel so miserable. That’s the negative side of social media. You can still enjoy social media but make a limit, don’t be too much watching other peoples’ lives cause it will make us feel ungrateful.

You take everyone’s opinion on you and you save it deeply in your mind

Taking everyone’s opinion on you

Well, we can’t avoid some people that are so mean to us and we can’t also decide what people want to say. We can’t decide everyone like and love us. Everyone has their own opinion about other. We should have the filter for it. When someone said bad about us, let them talk whatever they want, don’t put their opinion as your base of life. There’s a difference between critics and insult and all of that will depend on us. When they tell you that you are ugly, then just ignore it. They know nothing about you and you don’t deserve their negative word. When someone said “you will be nice if you wear pink” it doesn’t mean you have to wear pink. It just what people want in their eyes. So you need to build a filter for your mind, which one is good to take and can make your life upgraded, which one is just people want you to feel miserable. 

You chose to be down and break

You chose to be down and break

Well as I said before you need to have a filter for your life. That filter is you as the one and only that will choose it. We can’t stop people being rude, every corner on earth you will find this type of person. It will be ourselves that choosing will be drowned in their negative words or we keep going and show them they are wrong.

Some people will come to you and said “ugh. look at your double chin, it’s huge”. So what? We are human we have a chin.  Or you will come home running into your bedroom and seeing your chin and cry and don’t wanna eat until you lose that double chin.

We can’t always hold our emotion to be happy and strong, sometimes we get to the point where we are sad and feel like no one likes us. That has no problem with it because we are human. God gives us feeling to feel the emotion, but it doesn’t mean we have to drown in sad and feel miserable. Keep in mind that we can keep going when people don’t like us. We live not for pleasing every eyeball in this world.

Alright, those are 5 reasons why you become miserable and how to avoid it. Do you ever feel so down? Or you kind of “eh whateva..” person? Do you have a story about it? Let me know down below. xoxo

To be honest, my hair never touched something like a straightener or curling iron. The most complicated thing I do to my hair is going to the salon to get a hair cut, even it was like five years ago. Other than that I will do all things by my self. I never use iron for my hair just because I’m afraid it will damage my hair. So when I wanna have straight hair I will do it old way without the iron and if I want it to curl I will do as old ways too. In this post, I will show you one of curling the method I used to do, so then I no need a curling iron anymore, the key of this method is we do it overnight. So when we wake up, the hair is ready to go. So here is how to have beach wave without a curling iron. Let’s get started!

Hair ties


You will need two hair ties because I make the traditional braid which is just the right and the left one. But if you wanna use another kind of braid it has no problem. I just find this braid is easy and fast to do. I use the small hair ties for this. I bought it in Dollar Tree if you curious (LOL) 

Work on Damp Hair

Work on Damp Hair

I always do the braid with a damp hair, if you just shampoo your hair wait until it becomes damp, not too wet. When the hair is too wet, it will lead your hair to be weak and fragile later on, at least for fine hair like mine. If you work when the hair dry, the wave won’t be that visible. So damp hair is the best way to achieve beach wave style.

divide the hair into two section

Divide the Hair Into Two Section

As I mentioned earlier I’m gonna do the traditional braid, so we need to section our hair into two, left and right. We don’t need to be so neat, just use our finger to get the line. But if you wanna have the straight line and so neat you can always use a comb.

Braid to get the beach wave

Braid to Get The Beach Wave

I like to braid it tightly so when I sleep it won’t get messy and knot. Some of my hair will be free from the braid because I have layer hair cut. There’s no need to be tidy here. We’re gonna sleep tho. As long as the braid is tight, we’re good to go.

Braided Hair

And now you can sleep happily till morning.

Beach Wave is Ready


After you open the braid don’t comb or brush it unless you want it like a lion hair. I just finger-comb it lightly. If you want it to last whole day just spray some hairspray as needed, but for my hair, this beach wave stays on for a whole day without additional product.

And that’s How to Have Beach Wave Without a Curling Iron, it’s simple and easy to do, the hardest things you need to have are the hair ties and motivation to do this (LOL). How about you guys? Do you like this method or you rather use the curling iron? Let me know down below. xoxo

In this post, I will show you one of my favorites eyeshadow look that is so easy and doesn’t require a lot of product, but it will be glamorous. I choose pink as the main color here, brown as the transition and gold as the highlight. So literary you only need three eyeshadow color. Here is my tutorial on Pink Glam Eyeshadow Look and The Steps to Do It. Without further ado let’s get start it. 

Pictorial on Pink Glam Eyeshadow Look

Apply Eye primer

The very first thing to do when you want to apply eyeshadow is to apply the eye primer. Why? Because eye primer can help your eyeshadow to stay in place even longer and no crease during the day. When the eyeshadow stays on nicely during the day then you no need to worry about touching up again and again.

Apply Eye Primer

In this tutorial, I’m using eye primer from  elf Eye Primer and Liner Sealer  that is affordable and easy to use. I found that this primer is last long for you to use it again and again because of the formula is compact-cream. Apply the eye primer to all over the lid and blend it all. If you don’t have this primer you can only use other brands like  urban decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion  or Maybelline Prime Long-lasting Eyeshadow Base  for another affordable option.

Dab on the transition color

In this tutorial, I choose brown as my transition color. I use contour palate from elf for the brown color. Apply by using fluffy eyeshadow brush around the eye crease. Blend it nicely until there is no harsh line.

Transition Color

Apply the Pink Shade

I use pink shade from Ofra cosmetic. It’s actually a blush but because the color is too intense for my skin color, so I never use it as blush again. When I use it as an eyeshadow it is so stunning, so why not? Apply the eyeshadow by using flat eyeshadow brush so the color is even more intense. I put all the shade all over my lid so it will be even more glamorous. 

Dab on the pink shadow

After all of the eyelid has the pink shadow, then blend it until no harsh line.


Add some shimmery gold

I apply a shimmery gold color just from the inner corner until the middle of the eyelid. I apply it by using my finger, so the shimmer not flying around anywhere. I use this shimmery gold from Pacifica tomboy vibe eyeshadow palate

When you applying eyeshadow and it comes outward too much like that, you can always wipe it off by using wet wipes or makeup remover wipe, as long as you drag it in line, so no mess after that. Another way is you can use tape to seal the edge of your eyes, so no eyeshadow coming through that line.

Don’t forget the lower liner

I like to add some definition on the lower liner, so it won’t be awkward. I use the same pink color on the lower line just lightly using a small eyeshadow brush.

Lower Line Shadow

After this step you just need to apply eyeliner and mascara or if you have fake lashes even better. I was running out of my fake lashes when I make this tutorial, so I just use mascara. Then you can finish the full makeup, foundation and other.

Eyeshadow Look Finished

Pink Glam Eyeshadow Look

It’s so easy to create this look. All the products I used are also easy to find. But if you don’t have doesn’t mean you need to buy it. Be creative with what you already have in your makeup bag. The key is being creative and enjoyable.

I like this look and it can be used whenever you go to a party. How about you guys? Do you wear makeup when you going to the party? or you just don’t bother about it? Let me know down below. xoxo

When I still as ipsy member I was having a discount as a new member. I took one product that I think it is cheap enough but works. So I chose ClariSEA Radical Rosehip Oil Serum, another reason I chose this one is that it has vitamin c and a lot of different oil in it. The normal price is around $16 but because I was having a discount from ipsy so it became $7. And here is my review of ClariSEA Radical Rosehip Oil Serum after around 4 months of using it.

ClariSEA Radical Rosehip Oil Serum

First Impression

First time I open the box, the very first scent is grape. Yup, it has 100% grapeseed oil in it. At the back side, they show us the ingredients of this serum.

Serum Ingredients

Besides the ingredients that I love, it also a vegan product, which means they don’t do the animal test and their product is animal free. Well, if we can’t help for the animal-abuse at least we can use something that not supporting animal-abuse right?

The Packaging 

Next, packaging. They have premium packaging I would say, They use a glass container that has blurry kind of style. That just feels like a premium-high-end product for me. I also like the fact that it uses a pump instead of a dropper like usual serum packaging would have. For me, the pump makes it easy to have and no need to put the bottle first and take the dropper and put the dropper back and bla.. bla.. bla..

The pump on the serum bottle

The Oil Serum

The serum itself has a slightly yellow color like extra virgin olive oil but lighter than olive oil, also the scent again it is so calming for me.


This serum needs two pumps if you apply it in the night as before-sleep-beauty-regimen and just one pump for daily use. The oil won’t be greasy on the skin, it is so light.

How to apply ClariSEA Radical Rosehip Oil Serum

The best way to apply serum is by tapping the product on the skin instead of rubbing it. Rubbing your skin too much can make the pores larger. I knew this because I used to rub my face as harsh as possible using towel every time I dry my skin.

I use to warm up my palm first then I tap on the serum onto my skin until my neck. Don’t forget to take care of our neck too. It will get wrinkles faster than other parts of our body.


Well, I think the conclusion is I like this serum. FYI ClariSEA is a company that empowers women to make a better life by selling skin care product. Most of the products are made at home in their own kitchen. I read it from the letter they gave me in the product.

I recommend this product for you to try it. Until now this doesn’t make my skin breakout. I do have some acne but it’s not because of the serum but because of my hormonal problem (because I’m a woman). How about you guys? what serum do you use regularly? Do you choose the high-end one or the affordable one? Let me know in the comment below. xoxo

For some of us, makeup seems to be something hard to do. But actually, it is not that hard as long as you have the passion and patient. Makeup is a kind of art which needs the effort, time and practice. And for adding your ideas of makeup look, here is my natural orange look for the beginner and the steps to do it, let’s get started!


Natural Orange Look For Beginner and The Steps to Do It
Steps to do natural orange look

This look is so easy and great for the fall season, where pumpkin-spice is a life. Here are the steps:

1 Apply eye primer

I use   e.l.f. Eye Primer and Liner Sealer, Natural, 0.35 Ounce   for my primer. This primer is affordable but not last too long. I recommend you to use UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube – Original – Full Size 0.33 fl. oz./10 ml   but it is a bit pricey. The option is in your hand.

2 Tap on the green neon eyeshadow

Tap on the shadow without blending it. All of the eyeshadow in this look I use from SHANY Ultimate Fusion Eyeshadow Palette (120 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Natural Nude and Neon Combination), Net Wt. 120g


3 Add orange shadow on top of the green neon shadow and then blend them all

Color added

4 Add shimmery gold shadow in the middle of the eyelid

5 Finish it with eyeliner and lashes

natural orange look

Alright, that’s it and voila you got a look. The key is to blend the shadow nicely so it won’t be patchy. The eyeshadow I use is not that pigmented actually, but if you use like Morphe Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Paletteit will tell differently, or   wet n wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palettefor the budget-friendly one.

That’s my natural orange look for the beginner and the steps to do it. How about you, do you like to wear orange eyeshadow? Let me know in the comment below. xoxo