Hi guys, so the last two weeks I was having a breakout on my skin that burden me so much because it has been so long I never had any pimples again, even if it comes it will be just one single pimple on my forehead or so.

I looked into the almighty google and found this product where people are talking about which is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask. I ordered from Walmart for around US$ 8.99 it is cheaper than the Amazon prize.

Most of the people that have been using this product swear by it. I decided to give it a try. So here is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask review, hope you enjoy!


The packaging made from plastic and it is like a pot-kind-of-shape. The first time I open the pot it was so dusty, I thought it has something like foil cover on it but nothing, so when you open the cap it will be the clay directly. For people who careless like me, you have to be careful when you open this product for the first time.

At the back side of the product, it shows us the direction and some other words as usual as a commercial product would have. I am the person who likes to read the words behind any product because for me it is interesting to read. It says that our face will feel like pulsing when we use this mask, and it is true maybe because of when the mask dries it will be so tight on our skin so then we can feel the pulse that is going underneath the skin.


The application will be as easy as other masks obviously but it has one requirement that seems to be important, it says that we have to use a non-metal utensil for this clay mask. I don’t know why like that so I just use my glass bowl and plastic spoon as you always see in most of my face mask video. 

This mask allows us to use either water and/or apple cider vinegar to mix with the clay, so I use my apple cider vinegar instead of water just to know how well it works. It says to leave the mask for 10 – 15 minutes if you have sensitive skin and 15 – 20 minutes if you have normal to oily skin because my skin is normal and oily so I leave it for 20 minutes. I took around one spoon of the clay and mix with two caps (the cap from acv bottle) of apple cider vinegar and then apply to my face evenly. By using the spoon that I have applying such a thick mask is so easy than using a brush or hand. So maybe that’s my tip for you guys if you wanna apply a face mask.

After 20 minutes….

After 20 minutes the mask getting drier and tighter. It is even cracking here and there. According to the direction, we should wash the mask by using warm water, but I’m not a fan of warm water for my face, so I just use normal water that slightly warm (like 10% warmth LOL). Also here is my another tip, wash the mask under the shower. The first time I use this mask I washed my face on the sink and it got messy all around my sink, so the next time I used this I wash it under the shower or another thing you can do is wash with a wet washcloth, it won’t get messy too.

Final thought

 After I washed my face, I saw some redness around my lips and my forehead, but it was not a big deal. There was no pain at all on that redness. I don’t know can you guys see or not in these pictures but the redness is so visible in real life.



So until now I have been using this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask, for four times, from what I see, my pimples are drier than before, and my pores look cleaner than before. I hope those changes are because of this mask (at least). I saw so many people over the internet get some more significant result than me, but I think my skin needs more times to get the significant result. So, here is my video when I use this mask.

And that is all about Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Review. Hopefully, you enjoyed and thank you for visiting my blog. xoxo

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I review a product. So here we go, one of the products that I got from my Ipsy July Glam bag, a face mask sheet from the secret key nature recipe in honey. To be honest, I never use face mask sheet before just because I don’t have the interest to try them on, but now I have it from my subscription so why not right. So here are my review | Face Mask from Secret Key.

An Easy Way to have skin care when you travel

I know when we are traveling somewhere there is no way we remember to think about beauty regime like masking our skin, all the thing we need to is just enjoying the holiday under the sun with the loved one, but with this face mask you still can do your skin care in 15 to 30 minutes while you enjoying your journey in the plane.

the application is easy

 As I said before the package is simple and easy to go, so does it with the application. They put way to do it at the back of the package, in case for some people they don’t know how to use it. The mask has a soft scent which I like and it is so refreshing.

The size was right for my big face

As you can see the mask sheet was covered all over my face even my face is big, but I don’t like those part where I think it supposed to cover my eyes. It was just awkward. That part wasn’t cover my eyes nor hanging there wasn’t very useful. So I think if the just put that part over the nose area will be great. Well, you see my nose didn’t get any of it.

This face mask makes me think to have another face mask sheet later on. Ipsy sent me 2 of them but another one is used before I took pictures. The conclusion is I like this product. I saw on Amazon the price for this mask is around $7. I still looking for the real price because I search in ipsy even they don’t have.

I think that’s all my review | Face Mask from Secret Key. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. Thank you for visiting my blog. By the way, do you like to use face mask sheet too? Which brand do you usually have? Tell me in the comment below. Bye xoxo

Everybody knows that coconut is super beneficial to our life. Every part of it can be so useful for anything. One of my favorites is the oil. Coconut oil is good for moisturizing our skin and scalp too. It can help the hair grow thicker and longer. I personally like to use a natural product for skin care rather than a commercial one, just because it has no harmful chemical in it and I know what I put on my body. And here are some benefits of coconut oil. 

it is a natural hair moisturizer

Coconut oil hair mask is the most common way to treat the dry hair. It can moisturize our scalp and hair and it makes the hair softer and because the scalp also gets moisturize by the coconut oil, you will not get such a dry scalp which can lead to dandruff. So when you feel your hair dry use coconut oil hair mask, natural way to treat your dry hair, and leave it for at least 1 hour and rinse it. 

it is a cheap leave in conditioner

Well, some other people they have super curly hair which will be puffed through the day, the way to prevent it to happen is by using coconut oil as the leave-in conditioner. When the hair gets some weight a.k.a the conditioner the curly hair won’t be puffed back into their flying free mode.

it is a helper from mother earth to make our scalp healthy

So what else this super thing can do? 

Here is my video on how to apply coconut oil as a hair mask. 


Thank you for visiting my blog. Hopefully, my blog can help. Do you have other ways to use this super thing? Please tell me in the comment section below. xoxoxo

My childhood memories were full of “how to get rid of acne” sentences. I have a lot of acne growing up. That makes me feel insecure to meet people especially new one who never known me before. One of the ways I tried and seems have a result for my face is egg face mask. After I used this mask my face feels tighter and smoother. When you have acne your face mostly will feel like full of bumps, and I can definitely feel those bumps gone after I used this egg mask. So here is the way I do my egg face mask.



What you need to do:

– Wash your face (as you usually do)

– Wipe your face with a warm towel (you can leave the warm towel on your face for five minutes to mimic the steamer)

– Separate the white egg and the yolk, chill the yolk in the fridge we will use this again

– Apply the white egg to your face and wait until dry

– Wash your face with warm water

– Apply the chilled yolk to your face and wait until it dries up

– Wash with normal or cold water 

– Apply moisturizer



The egg face mask is easy to do. Commonly we always have the egg ready in our fridge. We just need to pop it in the small bowl and voila you have a nice egg face mask, the easy and natural beauty secret. This mask is natural there is no preservative nor alcohol which can be dried up your skin instead of repair the skin.

Here is my video so you can watch how I did it. Hope you enjoyed!

Some of us must be having trouble with our skin, especially on our face. Every day we use makeup, we go outside, we took a lot of residues from the product we use until the dust that sticks to our face, because of that, our face deserve to have some cares. One of the skin care I like to have every week is scrubbing. This time I’m gonna share you my sugar and honey scrub. One of the benefits of sugar and honey scrub for your glowing face, it is natural and you have it in your kitchen.

Here how we do this:

  • First, wash your face with warm water
  • Prepare sugar and honey in the small bowl (1 tbsp sugar – 1 tbsp honey)
  • Mix the ingredients
  • Scrub your face GENTLY with the sugar and honey scrub, you can also scrub your lips to make it smooth and plump
  • After 1 minutes of scrubbing wash your face with cold water
  • Apply moisturizer of yours

Skincare is used for making our skin healthier. Some people might have sensitive skin but some might have strong skin to be scrubbed even harder. So make sure you do not overdo whatever it is. Here is my video about sugar and honey face scrub you might like to watch.

Hopefully, this skin care routine of mine is helpful for you guys. Just remember do not overdo it, because it can irritate your skin. We want to make our skin glow and healthy not suffered. By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. xoxo

Breakfast is the most important thing to do in the morning. We need food as our fuel to start the day. Here is one of my favorite breakfast from India. It’s called Idli. This is how we make it:





• Ingredients:

– 3 cups rice

– 1 cup urad dal (split black gram)

– 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds

– Salt

– Baking soda (optional)


– Soak rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds for 4 to 6 hours

– Grind soaked rice, urad dal, and fenugreek seeds until becoming a thick and soft batter

– Put in container

– Let it sit overnight, it will be fermented

– Once the batter ready take some portions to another container and mix with some salt (and some baking soda – optional)

– Steam the batter in idli steamer for about 10 minutes

– Idli is ready, served with your favorite chutney



• Let the batter sit in the preheated oven if you live in cool places like New Jersey. But make sure the oven is off and not too hot when you keep the batter inside

• Make sure the steamer water is boiled before you put the batter inside

• Baking soda is used to make idli softer and more spongy

• Don’t put too much batter in idli mold because it will be messed

• Once you touch the idli and it does not stick to your finger, it means it is ready

In this post, I want to share one of my tricks when I want to have long-lasting makeup. Yup, some of you must have known that by using the face primer, setting spray, etc can hold makeup for a longer period of time. L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer is one of face primer products which is affordable and can make my face appear smoother.

I have large pores, So I need something to fill it in. One of the ways is to use a face primer. For you who never tried this product yet, stay tuned, cause this is L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer review. Let’s get started!

1. Packaging

The packaging is common to some other beauty products, it is using the thick glass jar that small enough to bring to travel. But because the packaging is using a jar, it needs the lid. The lid is not so practical because you need to turn it in and out that takes time. So when you run of time you will have a chance to leave it open on your desk. Also, it needs us to take it by using a finger, so for you who are germ phobic, it will be a problem. 😀

2. Texture

When the product still in the jar, the consistency is more creamy-like texture but after I applied it to my face it becomes more powdery and makes my face look and feel smoother. This primer has a pinkish color that will turn white on the skin.

3. Covering

My face is not as smooth as porcelain, so I still have the texture from the pitted scars but it can be faded away by using this primer. As you can see the difference with and without L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer 

After I applied my foundation I went out and use my motorcycle under the hot sun, not for long, just about 30 minutes. When I got home I saw the makeup has blended with my face natural oil and made my face glowy but not greasy.

4. Final Thought of L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer

For me, this primer is good for you who want to have around 4 to 5 hours makeup without a touch-up.

Pros: It can make our skin looks smoother, the price is affordable, can hold my makeup around 4 hours without touch-up (depend on the weather too).

Cons: The jar lid is not so practical, some people will not buy this because it can be contaminated with the germ.

How about you guys, would you give L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer a try?

This L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer review is not sponsored and my completely honest review. Thank you for coming by. See you

For some women become a stay-at-home mom is not easy, it is challenging and sometime they just don’t wanna leave their wonderful career that they had before. Become one of them is not a nightmare, we just need to adjust some parts that we were not used to having it in our life before. So, what is it like to be a stay-at-home mom? This is my story.

Become a stay-at-home mom is fun

What else you want when you can be at home and have no dateline to rush? The real struggle is only you need to wake up earlier before anyone to prepare breakfast for the family. When everyone has gone to job and school you have plenty of time to do so many things you want. For a mom who still has a baby, she can still go for walk with her baby or just sit in front tv while having breakfast. Enjoying the time with the little one on the comfy couch in the morning while having breakfast is one of my favorite things.

Less makeup throughout the day

For some people using makeup at home is a common thing to do. When you are being a stay-at-home you will definitely do some “homework” that will make you sweat, that is why it is better to use less makeup if you choose to be a stay-at-home mom. By using less makeup it means less cha-ching to spend. LOL

Sometimes get stressed

As I mention earlier become a stay-at-home mom is fun, but there will be some bad news too. Get stressed is one of them. Being stay-at-home mom sometimes makes us overwhelmed with all of the things going on in the house and all of those things would only be known by us. You have to take care of the kitchen, make sure you do laundry, and keep the house clean. There will be a point where we just give up to be stay-at-home mom and want to go to the beach. Yes or yes?

you are the core of your family

As a stay-at-home mom is not a shame. Yes, we are not a career woman who has a lot of time working outside, but who said stay-at-home mom cannot have a career? Some of the stay-at-home mom these days they are working from home, which means they get the salary plus nonstop family time, what a wonderful life. When you are not around your family will feel something is not complete. you are the core of your family, without you, they will feel empty.

There are absolutely still so many feelings to be a stay-at-home mom, from the stressful one to be the happiest one, but these are commonly happening with a stay-at-home mom. For you who plan to be one, don’t be worried, it will be just fine. Some women are worry because the income will only come from the husband, but don’t make it as the reason because nowadays you can get income from home like making videos, blogs, or selling craft. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post and get inspired.

Tau suan is a dessert that made from peeled mung bean, that’s why it is yellow. The process to make this dish is not so hard but the result will be comforting your mouth. This dessert is served with some crunchy topping. The topping used deep-fried bread makes this dessert even more delicious.

Cheap yet Appetizing

Most of the seller will sell tau suan in the morning and afternoon but you can also make it at home, I will post the recipe for this in the next post. Commonly tau suan sold by Chinese. This dish is cheap yet can make you fill full. Some people have it in the morning as their breakfast some people also have it as their dessert in the afternoon before dinner. There is no restriction whenever you want it, you have it. In West Kalimantan, Indonesia most of the seller will sell it around IDR 6000 – IDR 12.000 (around $0,60 – $1). It will again depend on your taste bud and your budget.

Full Portion just for you

Tu suan is so gooey and thick, I prefer to eat it while it’s warm and eating this in the morning as breakfast make me full until I get my lunch. I think that’s because of the sweetness and the mung bean that basically good for people who wanna lose some weight. I used to buy tau suan in jl. Gajah mada, Pontianak. The seller is so humble and when you ask him to give more topping he will give you as much as you want. I used to add the topping tho. In the morning people buy this after they have their workout or after riding their bicycle.

When it comes to food there’s nothing wrong to eat it whenever you want just remember about the portion, everything has to be in moderation.


So are you hungry now? Go get some tau suan, the comfort sweet gooey dessert for your hungry stomach.

Constipation is tough for the parents and the baby, it makes the family worried what is actually going on to their baby. Baby’s digestion is not as mature as their parents, so some babies might have difficulty to pass the bowel movement yet some babies just absorb everything into their body so there is nothing to go out from her digestion. Some of the breastfeeding babies have no poo for days and it can be the babies absorb all the nutrient in breast milk and have the waste only in their pee. So as stay-at-home mom who work alone to take care of my baby without anyone in home, I have some ways to do when my baby get constipated. Let’s get into it.

1. Check the baby wet diaper

First thing I do to make sure she is okay is checking her wet diaper. When it is always full, in good color and enough change a day. Checking her wet diaper also make me sure she is not dehydrate. She might not get constipated but she just need some more time to make bowel movement.

2. Massage her belly and her back

Photo by: The Healing Garden Me UK

The second thing I would do when my baby get constipated is to massage her belly and her back by using baby oil. Gently massage the belly using circular motion from the left to the right to gimmick the movement inside her belly and helping the faces go out easier.

Massage her back from upper to lower side, it can make the baby relax. Remember to massage gently, never put too much pressure as it can hurt the baby. Sometime you will heard the baby fart when you massage her belly and that means something good is going on. Keep the timing when massaging her, for example, massage her for 10 minutes and repeated every hour.

3. Bend her knee on her stomach and put gentle pressure

After you massage her belly then bend her knee and put on top her stomach then gently press it. This way to gimmick her urge to poop, when the urge come than she will be naturally push the faces out.

4. Give her fruit juice or smoothie

Basically giving her juice help her to poop, it is not only prune or apple, mango also work on her. She likes mango smoothie, so I gave her more mango smoothie and it works plus it is natural. Water also help to get rid of constipation because the feces need liquid to go through the colon, but the colon keep absorbing the liquid form feces, so we need even more liquid to get it through.

5. Change the formula milk or the solid food

Some baby can’t fit into some brands of formula or some kind of foods that make them hard to digest. In the formula case, many parents didn’t put enough water into the milk making the milk thicker and that can cause the feces hard to digest. In the solid food case, for some baby that are new to solid food they can have constipation because there is a new thing come into their digestion and need to make adjustment. Make sure to give baby kind of thicker-but-still-liquidy solid food so the baby won’t be shocked and refuse to eat that.

6. Ask the doctor

When everything we do but nothing work and we start to worry because the baby is not getting poop for more than 3 days then we need to ask doctor or pediatrician what should we do next. Some of the pediatrician will give you something like pill to put inside the baby butt and make it work. Fortunately I never use this and thankfully we go through everything with natural remedies. But some pediatrician also will recommend to use something like her temperature to put into the baby’s butt to push the baby’s bowel movement.

Baby get constipated might occurred because of the mommy’s diet too, but this is just for breastfeeding baby. Once a while cross check what we have eaten is good so we can treat the cause of constipation even more easier.

Every baby is different, these are things I and my husband did if my daughter get constipation. Sometimes the constipation gone and sometimes it will be back and once we know the way to treat it we have no worry anymore. Keep asking the pediatrician about something you might be hesitated. It will be more safer. So what is your secret remedy to cure the little one constipation?