I am a stay-at-home mom and I have one little cute daughter that will always hanging on me because I carry her food everywhere I go. As a stay-at-home mom I got plenty of time I can spend with my baby in home without limit and this is one of the reasons why I chose to breastfeed my daughter instead of using formula.

Choosing to breastfeed my daughter, it bring me to things I never expected before. First of all my daughter born in the US and I live only with my husband in the apartment, we have no family just friends close by, so having help is a rare thing I get because my husband will be working full time and going home after 6pm. Almost everything I do by my own and I am also breastfeed my baby directly without pump. I did pumping but it just for several weeks until my daughter refuse the bottle and just wanna have my breast all the way. Because of these all I have 7 unpredictable things I learn in my breastfeeding journey that I want you to know so then you have some base to breastfeed your lovely babies.

1. I almost frustrated in the first hours after gave birth because of  breastfeeding

In the first hours after gave birth nurse will give the baby and put on our breast so then the baby will choose her/his way to reach the milk for the first time in their lives. I was too scared to move my baby because her neck just so weak, I never touch newborn before because I’m scared the baby will break in my hand (LOL). After first try she can’t do it and the nurse bring her back into babies room and they bring me into staying room. Then again they give me the baby but this time I hold my baby and try to latch on my breast directly and again failed. I was so afraid my baby couldn’t get any nutrient in her first hours. So I decided to give her formula, I was so sad that time and I almost wanna stop trying to breastfeed and just give the formula. Then again the third time nurse brought the baby to me and try again to latch, magically she latch on me and I can feel the latch for the first time. I was so happy like anything. I feel I am her mom completely. I and the baby need to practice this new experience and it is not instant.

2. Breastmilk-pump is so painful when you don’t know how to use it

In the hospital they gave me a breastmilk-pump machine and I can use whenever I want. This machine is for public use, so every mom that try to breastfeed have been using it before. The nurse was just explained me how to put the cup on and turn the machine on/off. I never known the setting for weak and strong pumping ever. I didn’t do any research too for this product because I thought I won’t need this.


When I pump for the first time I feel so pain on my breast because the pump in the highest setting ever. So the suction is too much I felt like my nipple gonna break. I tried to make the suction low but it wasn’t working, then I knew the knob is loose. I must had ask that to the nurse but I always forget whenever they come to my room.

3. Breastfeeding hurt my back in the beginning of practice


I have only nurse who help me figured out how to breastfeeding a baby since I have no one in the US to teach me in home. So when I back from hospital and everything seem so hard to do. I couldn’t do the laying side style to breastfeeding my baby until she was around 6 months old so I should sit on my bed and leaning to the wall. In the first 5 minutes there is nothing I feel but then my shoulder starting to hurt and my back too. I saw a product name breastfriend pillow and a lot of mamma use this.

It worked well just a week for me, after that I never used it again because it require me to snap on/off the pillow and I just lazy to that in the midnight feeding. So I sold it out. The Regular pillow helped me more.

4. The leaking is real y’all

I never taken this confession is real but yes it is. I was standing behind my window to get sun shade and sunbath my baby because she has jaundice which can heal faster if we sunbath her at least under sun shade. Just because I stand up and wore no bra the milk was leaking like tap water. My dress was like I spilled a cup of water and it was dripping to my feet too, so all over my body from breast to toe is wet of my milk (LOL). Since then I bought breast pad.

5. Breast feel hard and full every morning

The milk is keep producing while we are sleeping, so in the morning it’s all collected and making it hard and pain. I have to nurse her before I started the day or it will be like stone-hard and causing even more pain. If I get the hardness in my breast I will massage it clockwise using oil or when I take a shower, the hardness can decrease and the pain also relieve.

6. I thought I’m gonna lose weight while breastfeeding

The truth is NO! I’m gaining even more than my before pregnancy weight. Breastfeeding makes me hungry, maybe because my body need calorie to produce the milk. At the end of the day I never regret gaining weight cause I can workout later to lose the weight but the chance to give my baby the best nutrient from breastmilk will not come twice.

7. I have to deal with time

I was rely on pump for the first couple of weeks until my daughter refuse to use bottle, no pumping after that, she just wanna have milk directly from my breast. This made me stuck at least for an hour on the bed and can’t do anything until she is done and sleep. I have no one to watch her if I wanna do something and she still awake, so want or not I have to make sure sleep before I do my stuff.

These are my experiences that I never expected to be happened. I wish I was having my mom to help me so I have someone to guide me to take care of my baby and I can take my time to do my stuff too. If you are planning to have breastmilk instead of formula, I suggest you to be more patient. Both you and the baby need to learn how to do this kind of thing. Don’t think that once the baby out then she/he can latch directly. It needs some practice. So are you ready for breastfeeding your cute little baby?

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