When it come to personal things some people choose to hide it but some people will share it because it’s fun to share who we are, and if we have the same thing there we will realize how life is not stuck just in front of your eyes.

Here I share you 15 facts about me. Let’s get started.

  1. I am the eldest sibling from two children
  2. My husband is an Indian
  3. I have one little cute daughter who always hanging on me and I can’t say no
  4. I am a stay-at-home mom who has a lot of space time
  5. I am a breastfeeding mom
  6. I do not like smoker because they bring toxic everywhere
  7. I feel disgusted so easy for things that is public-touchable
  8. I was drowning in the very first time visited the swimming pool, I thought it was just like bath tub, luckily I’m survived
  9. I can easily get anxiety on something that is not in order, like when I drove I found my finger has dry skin that need to be gone, so I stopped my vehicle beside the road just to pull that skin off then I can calm down and continue my ride.
  10. I better buy cheap cloth rather than expensive brand one because it just a cloth
  11. I like to eat my mom’s home made food, once I back to my mom home she will always cook spicy fish soup for me. Sluuurrrp.
  12. I don’t like politic but i like cat
  13. Sometimes I got impatient in waiting, that makes me leave even I’m still in the conversation
  14. I have fierce face but actually I am a soft person just like bunny’s fur
  15. I love to eat meatball

There you go, 15 facts about me. Hopefully it’s fun to read. I have one thing before this post end, “be yourself, be positive”. Thank you.

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