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Easy recipe to follow that can help you to cook and make something to full fill your belly as well as your craving. Most of the recipes are from my childhood which is Indonesian food and some also from my husband’s origin which is India

Life Side

Blogging is the way to express your self so other people can hear your mind. Thus, I keep what I love on this blog besides food which are STORIES, TRAVELING, PRODUCT REVIEW, MOTIVATION

Beauty Blog

I like to share what I like. Makeup is one of my passion in my life. I learn how to make myself more confident by makeup and also I learn makeup can be as income too.

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Natural Orange Look For Beginner and The Steps to Do It
For some of us, makeup seems to be something hard to do. But actually, it is not that hard as long as
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How to Be a Grateful Person
In our life, it will be easier to see other people happiness then ours. We used to forget that we can still
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How To Apply False Eyelashes
The false eyelashes is a tricky thing in the makeup industry. It needs the practice to be more used to and know
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How To Be an Organized Person
As a human, we tend to make planning for our life, but sometimes that’s just a plan in our mind without the
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Cheap Face Scrub that Actually Work
Face scrub is good to exfoliate our skin and make the skin smoother. In the market there are lots of face scrubs
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4 Yogurt Face Masks You Need to Try
Yogurt is made of milk that has been cured. The benefits from yogurt are a lot, it is good for the inside
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About Me

I am a mother who always dreamed to be the better mom and the best wife. Got married to a man who has very different background, culture, and food with me. 

There’s nothing happier than sharing something we know to other, so the tradition will never stop. I am Fadiah Qisthina, the one who passionately write on this website and gladly share the ideas and the passion I have. With hope, the reader can enjoy the beauty corner, the life’s side, and some beautiful pictures from my photography which is Qisthinafphoto.